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Hspa 7.2

AT&T Announces Completion of HSPA 7.2 3G Upgrade

Looks like AT&T put the HSPA 7.2 3G peddle to the metal so T-Mobile wouldn't grab all the nation-wide upgrade headlines today.

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AT&T Invested $65 Million in 850Mhz 3G Upgrades for San Francisco

AT&T announced it's invested nearly $65 million in upgrading their 3G network in San Francisco through Q3 2009:

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AT&T Upgrading 6 Major Cities to HSPA 7.2

AT&T has unveiled plans to upgrade their 3G network to 7.2 HSPA in various markets across the US by the end of the year. What cities happen to have all of the luck on their side? Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Miami.

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