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EVE Online launches Hyperion expansion

CCP Games on Tuesday announced the launch of the latest expansion for its spacefaring massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, EVE Online. It's called Hyperion, and it's a free update for all currently registered players.

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Star Trek Online comes to the Mac

Star Trek Online is a free to play Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game that launched in 2010. But it launched solely for Windows gamers, leaving Mac users somewhere in the Delta Quadrant, with no way home.

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Dragon Realms combines monster collecting, town building, and online battles

Yesterday we looked at Elemental Kingdoms, a card battling RPG. Today we're back with a massively multiplayer online RPG/town-building hybrid called Dragon Realms. The spiritual successor to last year’s Kingdom Age, Dragon Realms was developed internally at GREE’s RPG+ Studio. Hundreds of creatures to collect, cooperative and PVP play, and cross-platform multiplayer make for a lengthy and addictive experience.

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Sony to shut down EverQuest for Mac once and for all

It shouldn't come as any surprise to the few Mac gamers still playing, but Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) reaffirmed yesterday that it is shutting down the Mac version of EverQuest.

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Get ready to pay real money for stuff in World of Warcraft in-game store

Blizzard is testing a new version of World of Warcraft on its Public Test Realm, and with it comes the first evidence of an in-game store where players can buy enhancements to their gear and weapons, reports Blue's News.

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iPhone Gaming Roundup: Carmack Redux, Power, and Online Play

You know, you know: the iPhone ranks up there with the PSP for sheer gaming power, heck John Carmack has said it could even be in the same category as the PS2 or the Xbox. Carmack speaks out on the iPhone often enough that TiPb seems to have a full-on crush on the guy. One tidbit that we missed during his last talk comes to us via Apple Insider and it puts our pie-in-the-sky gaming hopes in the proper context:

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