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North Carolina

Chlorine leak injures five at Apple data center in North Carolina

An Apple data center in Maiden, North Carolina was the subject of a chlorine leak today that injured five people.

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Rumor: Apple considering Oregon data center

According to OregonLive, Apple is considering another large data center, this one at Prineville site in Oregon.

Those familiar with the discussions say that Apple's Oregon plans have been in flux while it awaited word on whether there would be adequate electricity transmission in Prineville to meet its needs.

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iCloud to be powered by the sun?

Sorry, but when the Charlotte Observer reported that Apple was planning to build a solar farm across from their massive North Carolina data center, that's the headline that popped into mind.

Permits issued by Catawba County show that the Cupertino, Calif., company has been approved to reshape the slope of some of the 171 acres of vacant land it owns on Startown Road, opposite the data center, in preparation of building a solar farm.

Source: The Charlotte Observer

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Apple's massive data center about to open, could double in size

The new Apple data center located in Maiden, North Carolina, is expected to begin its operations “any day now” according to local officials. Amidst Apple getting ready to begin production inside the massive 500,000 sq. ft. data center, rumors have been milling around the internet stating that Apple plans on doubling the size of its already massive data center.

A local realtor, Bill Wagenseller, posted an aerial video of Apple’s facility had these comments to share:

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Monday Fun Video: Apple Center Seen from the Sky

Remember that $2 billion world-class data center Apple is building in North Carolina, the one that could be mean or a super MobileMe or only-Jobs-knows-what? Well here's some video purporting to show it from the sky (if not show it looking like SkyNet!)

Check it out after the break and let us know what you think is going on inside those massive, machine-filled walls!

[DataCenter Knowledge via Macrumors via 9to5mac]

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Apple's New North Carolina Data Center Among Largest in the World

Apple is building a huge, billion dollar data center in North Carolina. However, no one outside Cupertino knows exactly what it's going to be used for (insert Skynet, Matrix, App Store review AI jokes here). That doesn't mean people aren't theorizing, however, including Rich Miller is editor of Data Center Knowledge, who calls the facility "big-a$$":

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Good to Go: Apple's One Billion Dollar North Carolina Server Farm

Remember that exonormous server farm Apple was considering building in North Carolina? Apple Insider (via the AP) says that's it's a go. Apple has the money, the technology, and now... the tax breaks. So the only unknown that remains is...

What the frapple are they going to do with a hub that huge?!

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