Celebrate spring with this nature-centric Apple Music playlist

As we all know, every year Apple promotes an Apple Music playlist called What are the Earth's favorite songs? in celebration of Earth Day to further show the company's support for environmental protection efforts. The list combines classics with "new favorites," and includes staples like "Mother Nature's Son" by the Beatles and "Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)" by Marvin Gaye. While these songs are most certainly on-theme for this, the greenest of holidays, there's a staggering amount of Earth- and nature-inspired songs out there that didn't make the list, but also deserve to be a part of the spring festivities.

To that end, here's a small collection of my favorite songs that pull from natural experiences, all put together into a handy Apple Music playlist of my own. It features the honey-smooth, air-between-your-fingers energies of Glass Animals, the telluric ritual magic of French Afro-Cuban twin duo Ibeyi, and the wild, glittering sounds of definite elfin princess Björk, as well as myriad other artists whose works embody the reverent lushness of spring. Feel free to stream it as you marvel at budding flowers, fill your lungs with post-rain petrichor, or dig your hands into the cool earth as you plant this year's garden.


What are some of your favorite songs that emphasize natural imagery? Share them in the comments below so we can all enjoy them together as we do good for the Earth today!

Tory Foulk

Tory Foulk is a writer at Mobile Nations. She lives at the intersection of technology and sorcery and enjoys radio, bees, and houses in small towns. When she isn't working on articles, you'll likely find her listening to her favorite podcasts in a carefully curated blanket nest. You can follow her on Twitter at @tsfoulk.