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Part of agreement between Apple and HTC to become public

A judge in California has ruled that major details surrounding the Apple-HTC settlement will be publicly available. The pricing and royalty rates will remain confidential, but the patents that were part of the settlement will be open to the public. Previously, Samsung’s lawyers were given access to the list of patents in this settlement as part of their preparations for a hearing that will determine the final details of Apple’s legal victory over Samsung in August. Apple had sought to keep the list of patents confidential, but Judge Lucy Koh saw no compelling reason to keep these details from the public.

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Samsung to get a look at Apple's settlement with HTC

Samsung will be able to look at the settlement between Apple and HTC. Samsung will reportedly use the content of the settlement to determine if they need to halt sales of any of their products after their billion-dollar loss to Apple in a US court in August. Apple had previously sought to keep the specific dollar amount of its settlement with HTC private while providing the rest of the settlement terms for Samsung to view, though Samsung didn’t find this sufficient.

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HTC statement about Apple royalties confirms the money is irrelevant

When HTC settled its patent lawsuit with Apple by agreeing to some set of undisclosed terms, analysts did their job, which is to estimate what this means to the stock.

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Apple grows war chest, takes ownership of 1,024 Nortel patents

Apple has reportedly received a transfer of 1,024 patents or patent applications from Rockstar Consortium, formerly Rockstar Bidco, a group of technology companies that bid on thousands of patents that had previously held by Nortel. Apple had been part of Rockstar Bidco, which bid against Google for the patents, and had access to the patents through that consortium. The transfer of patents to Apple’s ownership, however, could better position them in ongoing litigation. Owen Thomas of Business Insider reports:

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Apple and Motorola may settle part of patent dispute

Apple and Motorola Mobility, owned by Google, are seeking arbitration on part of their patent disputes. The two companies would agree to a binding arbitration in order to reach a licensing agreement over standards-essential patents

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Samsung and patent settlements: Why pay for the cow when you can have the milk for free?

In the wake of HTC settling their patent litigation with Apple, likely by agreeing to pay a per-handset licensing fee to Apple, Samsung has come out and said they won't be doing likewise any time soon. That, according to J.K. Shin of Samsung Mobile.

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Apple and HTC settle patent litigation, reach 10-year cross-licensing agreement

Apple and HTC have reached a global settlement to their long-running patent dispute. The settlement includes a 10-year cross-licensing agreement.

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Apple fined $368 million for violating VirnetX patents in FaceTime

Apple has been fined $368 million after their video calling feature, FaceTime, was found to infringe on patents owned by a company called VirnetX, a company that provides solutions for secure internet communications. A US court ruled that Apple’s FaceTime product infringes on four patents by VirnetX. One of the patents at issue involved the ability to establish a secure communication link. Apple apparently has no option for appeal in this matter. VirnetX has also brought suit against a number of other larger companies over its patent portfolio.

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Apple posts "Samsung didn't copy iPad" notice in the UK

In compliance with a U.K. court ruling, Apple has posted their "Samsung didn't copy iPad" notice. At least after a fashion. The notice is rather long, and meticulously crafted by Apple's lawyers. It mentions patents rather than devices in the "apology" up front, and gets its own back in the middle by quoting the judge as saying Samsung isn't as cool, and at the end by citing a German court ruling that did find Samsung violated Apple's design, as well as Apple's massive, billion dollar win over Samsung in U.S courts. And yes, they posted it in Arial.

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ITC finds that Samsung infringes on four Apple patents

An International Trade Commision judge has ruled that Samsung infringes on four Apple patents in the first round of a case brought by Apple. These patents include one pertaining to the front face of the iPhone, and another for touchscreen technology. This decision is subject to review by the full commission, which is scheduled to finish its investigation into the matter by February 25. This victory comes after a string of legal setbacks for Apple in international courts, one of which will see Apple post an apology to Samsung on its website, and take out ads in several publications.

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