Apple Watch PatentSource: USPTO

What you need to know

  • An Apple patent has revealed the design for an Apple Watch band that has an antenna inside.
  • The flexible antenna could be embedded within a watch band that communicates with your iPhone.
  • Moving the antenna from the case to your watch band would free up space for other components.

An Apple patent published today has revealed how the Apple Watch's antenna could be moved from the Apple Watch housing to its band, in order to free up space inside the case.

As reported by AppleInsider, the patent is titled 'antenna assemblies for watch bands' and the summary states:

A watch band for a watch can include an antenna that is operable for wireless communication with other devices. The antenna can be embedded within a body of the watch band to protect the antenna from an external environment and to conceal it from view. The antennas can adaptably stretch, bend, and flex with the watch band body, thereby avoiding damage from applied forces while also maintaining the compliance and comfort of the watch band while worn by a user.

The patent notes that in most watch designs, neither the watch itself nor any other device interacts with the watch band, the sole purpose of which is to keep the watch on your wrist. It states that it would be "desirable" to house components of a watch outside of its rigid housing, to more effectively utilize space within. Not only that, components within the band of a watch are more readily accessible for things like repair and upgrade.

The patent goes on to describe how an antenna and other circuitry could be housed within a watch band so as to communicate with other devices, for example your iPhone. The antenna would be embedded inside of the watch band so as to protect it but concealed so as not to spoil the aesthetics of the band.

The idea that Apple could house an Apple Watch antenna inside of its band is certainly interesting. Not only would that open up space inside Apple Watch for something like a larger battery, a more easily accessible antenna could also mean cheaper and more convenient repairs if there was ever a fault with the part.

Whilst a patent is no guarantee we will ever see this tech, would you be excited for an Apple Watch with an external antenna embedded in your watch band?