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What you need to know

  • Apple has been awarded a new patent relating to the calculation of wind resistance.
  • The patent was first applied for in March of 2017.
  • Apple plans to use it on Apple Watches worn by cyclists.

Apple first applied for a patent called "Apple Watch Invention Aims to Extend Activities and Monitoring Data for cyclists" back in March of 2017 and now it's been granted, as spotted by Patently Apple.

According to the report, this patent is meant to allow an Apple Watch to monitor Apple Watch wearers as they cycle including the amount of wind resistance that is being generated.

Apple Watch Wind Resistance PatentSource: Patently Apple

Apple's granted patent was designed to extend Apple Watch activities and monitoring to include cycling. Improved techniques and systems are disclosed for determining the components of resistance experienced by a wearer of an Apple Watch engaged in an activity such as bicycling or running. By monitoring data using the Apple Watch, improved estimates could be derived for various factors contributing to the resistance experienced by the user in the course of the activity.

The patent also has includes details of a wearable device – an Apple Watch in this case – that would also keep track of a wearer's heart rate. Motion sensors would also allow the Apple Watch to track its position and orientation as the cyclist moves.

Apple's desire to track wind resistance is because it wants to be able to accurately determine how much effort is being expelled by the cyclist. Wind resistance is one key factor in calculating that, as is the angle of ascent or descent. Apple would likely use the different sensors inside the Apple Watch to calculate everything as accurately as possible, including wind resistance.

You can read more about the patent in Patently Apple's report from 2017.

It's also important to remember that Apple patents a ton of things and not all of them find their way into shipping products.

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