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Apple reportedly strikes new processor supply deal with Samsung

Apple has reportedly cut a deal for Samsung to provide the vast majority of its A-series chips, like the A8 found in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the future. Samsung is said to have a contract for 80 percent of Apple's supply, but delivery is not supposed to being until 2016. A major factor in this supposed deal is the Samsung's ability to mitigate capacity risk, according to The Korea Times:

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New processors for iPhone 6 reportedly shipping from TSMC

Apple has reportedly started receiving shipments of processors bound for the iPhone 6 from chip-maker Taiwan Semiconductor Manucafturing Co. (TSMC). For several years, Samsung has been the exclusive provider of the chips found in Apple's mobile devices. The problem for Apple is that Samsung is their chief smartphone rival. Diversifying their suppliers means that Apple can reduce the amount of business it does with a primary competitor, while also giving them a better position in matters such as price negotiations, according to the Wall Street Journal:

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Refuting recent rumors, Samsung says no price hike on Apple processors

Samsung, one of Apple’s most important partners in the manufacturing of its iOS devices, and most heated rivals in selling them, has denied previous reports of a price hike. According to one Samsung official, prices are negotiated at the beginning of the year. Raising them before the year is done would break a contract. As Chris Ciaccia of The Street reports, such a move would not be in the best interests of Samsung in the long run:

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Samsung hikes processor fabrication prices on Apple by 20%

Samsung has reportedly raised the prices they charge for manufacturing chipsets like the iPhone 5's Apple A6 by a whopping 20%. While no reason for the increase was given, Apple’s increased demand for processors, as many as 200 million chips this year, up from 130 million last year, could be a factor. Whatever the case may be, Apple seems to have little choice but to agree to the price hike, having no viable alternative suppliers at this point.

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Apple reportedly investigating custom processors for Mac

Just like Apple once investigated Intel processors for Macs back when they were still all-in on PowerPC, so once again do we hear about Apple mulling customer processors for their Mac line. This time the story's spun around the new technologies group, headed by Bob Mansfield, and reports they're working on new, custom processors for desktops and laptops that are variations of the A-series processors found in iOS devices.

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Apple and Samsung move from love/hate to hate/hate

Apple seems to be moving to reduce its reliance on Samsung for the manufacture of the A-series processors found in iOS devices, and are possibly planning a move to another company for the production of future chips. While Apple and Samsung have been at odds in the smartphone market, they've remained close partners in manufacturing. The increasing rivalry between the two companies when it comes to the former is cited as the reason for their deteriorating relationship when it comes to the latter. The The Korea Times reports that love-hate might be turning into pure hate.

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Apple may say goodbye to Samsung for quad-core chips

Apple may be changing chip manufacturers as it moves towards quad-core processors in its iOS devices over the next couple of years. While Samsung has produced the chipsets for most iOS devices so far, including the Apple-designed A6 found in the iPhone 5, it may not be the direction Apple will head in the future.

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Apple snags veteran chip designer Jim Mergard from Samsung

Jim Mergard, a 16-year veteran of chip maker AMD, has left his position at Samsung for a job at Apple. Mergard was formerly a vice president and chief engineer at AMD before he left for Samsung, and he is known for his work on both desktop processors as well as systems on chips, or SoCs, like those found in iOS devices.

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The 2nd Gen iPod Touch is Faster than Your iPhone 3G

On other mobile platforms (hi Windows Mobile!) we often spend quite a bit of time comparing the processors of different models, seeing which one is faster and seeing what happens when you set the clock speed of a given phone to a higher number. It's "fun," see, because not only can clock speed be radically different from phone to phone, but so can performance even on devices with similar clock speeds.

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Jobs Speaks! PA Semi to Replace Infineon and Bump Intel off iPhone Roadmap?

We reported, and reported again, and pondered, and speculated some more about Apple buying Palo Alto Semiconductor (PA Semi), but now Steve Jobs himself has put the rumors to rest with a pretty clear statement as to his intentions:

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