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Arc Squadron review

Arc Squadron launched on the App Store today, summoning many memories for old-school Star Fox players. The on-rails space-themed shooter game takes players through a variety of treacherous interstellar scenarios, who must guide a variety of ships through obstacles with smooth and natural-feeling swipe-gestures, while unloading advanced weaponry and technology against the foes they encounter.Β 

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Darkside for iPhone and iPad review

A 3D dual-stick shooting game called Darkside by Clockwork Pixels recently launched for iOS, putting players in charge of defending mankind's asteroid mining operations in the far future from alien threats and rogue space debris. Not only do you bust up asteroids and avoid the fractured remains, but you'll also get caught up in dogfights with enemy ships.

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Hunters 2 review: Track down aliens on your iPhone one turn at a time

Hunters 2 is a relatively new game for iPhone which corners a very specific (but hardcore) niche. It's a turn-based tactical combat game where you tailor futuristic mercenaries with your choice of skills and gear of the course of several harrowing missions.

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