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Obama says he can't use an iPhone because of security

US President Barack Obama told a group of young people at the White House that he can't use an Apple iPhone for security reasons, according to a recent Associated Press report (as published by SecurityWeek).

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QuizUp developer Plain Vanilla fixes server issues that left user data vulnerable

Plain Vanilla, the developers behind QuizUp, has fixed the server side issues that caused data to be transmitted unprotected to the QuizUp servers. An update to the iPhone app should fix issues there. It appears that at least some of the major problems, including data being transmitted unprotected, have been fixed.

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QuizUp accused of lax security that lets other players see your private data

Popular trivia game QuizUp appears to have numerous security and privacy issues. The app seems to be sending your information to the devices of other users, including your name, email address, and Facebook ID.

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Coin wants to combine all of your cards into one, but how well will it work?

The Internet has been buzzing about Coin, a credit card replacement announced last Thursday. Currently taking pre-orders, and planning to launch Summer 2014, Coin is a credit card-sized device which is capable of storing and behaving as pretty much any card with a magnetic strip: credit cards, gift cards, membership cards, etc. Coin allows you to select which card you want to use, and when you or a merchant swipe your credit card, the information for the appropriate card can be read from Coin. Replacing every card in your wallet with a single, card-sized device is exciting to think about, but obviously a product like this raises a lot of questions.

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Apple releases some details on law enforcement information requests

Apple has disclosed some some information on the requests that it gets from the government for customer information. The company says that only a small percentage of government requests concern actual customer data, with the majority of law enforcement requests seeking information of devices that have been lost or stolen.

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Google Chrome for Mac to add extra authentication to your saved passwords

Remember a few months ago when the Internet went crazy over Google Chrome keeping your saved passwords in plain text? Our advice, like that of many, was to use a third-party app like 1Password instead, but Google now at least is doing something about it.

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Touch ID takes hardware security to new levels - Here's how, why, and what it means!

We already know that the iPhone 5s' Touch ID secures your digital fingerprint by storing it on the Secure Enclave portion of the A7 that's only accessible to the sensor itself. But what if that wasn't the only safeguard Apple took in order to protect your prints? We've taken a closer look at Touch ID and through some collaboration with repair company mendmyi, we've found that Apple actually did take extra precautions, but on a hardware level that we've never seen implemented before. Here are the details!

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iCloud Keychain and why it's not going to improve security habits... yet

iCloud Keychain, which ships as part of iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, is Apple's attempt to help mainstream iPhone, iPad, and Mac owner get better at managing and protecting their passwords and credit cards, and with minimal inconvenience. With a random password generation, autofill, and iCloud sync, it holds a lot of promise. Unfortunately, it may not be enough for everyone, at least not yet. Here's why...

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Why LinkedIn's new Intro feature is scary as hell and needs to die by fire

LinkedIn released what, on the surface, sounds like a great new feature: Intro. It lets you have fancy business-centric HTML content injected right in your emails. If the word injected seems odd, it should. The way Intro is implemented, it destroys security and privacy in mail. Scratch the great sounding surface, and you find a minefield. Matthew Panzarino on TechCrunch:

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Tired of waiting in the BBM for iOS line? Turns out there's a proxy-based skip for that!

After a failed attempt last month at rolling out BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for iOS and Android, BlackBerry is giving the rollout another try. However, anybody who did not sign up previously is stuck waiting for their turn as BlackBerry slowly rolls out BBM to new users... unless you know how to skip the line.

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