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iCloud Keychain and why it's not going to improve security habits... yet

iCloud Keychain, which ships as part of iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, is Apple's attempt to help mainstream iPhone, iPad, and Mac owner get better at managing and protecting their passwords and credit cards, and with minimal inconvenience. With a random password generation, autofill, and iCloud sync, it holds a lot of promise. Unfortunately, it may not be enough for everyone, at least not yet. Here's why...

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Why LinkedIn's new Intro feature is scary as hell and needs to die by fire

LinkedIn released what, on the surface, sounds like a great new feature: Intro. It lets you have fancy business-centric HTML content injected right in your emails. If the word injected seems odd, it should. The way Intro is implemented, it destroys security and privacy in mail. Scratch the great sounding surface, and you find a minefield. Matthew Panzarino on TechCrunch:

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Tired of waiting in the BBM for iOS line? Turns out there's a proxy-based skip for that!

After a failed attempt last month at rolling out BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for iOS and Android, BlackBerry is giving the rollout another try. However, anybody who did not sign up previously is stuck waiting for their turn as BlackBerry slowly rolls out BBM to new users... unless you know how to skip the line.

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Researcher continues exploring iCloud security, some media outlets continue to overreact

Russian security researcher Vladimir Katalov gave a talk last week at Hack in the Box security conference detailing his findings on Apple's iCloud protocols. Katalov's research highlights several shortcomings in iCloud's security model, including the fact that iCloud data is not protected by the two-step verification system Apple rolled out earlier this year.

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Is iMessage secure? The good, the bad, and the complicated

Last week, researchers from QuarksLab gave a presentation at HITBSecConf2013 on the security of iMessage. The researchers sought to investigate claims made by Apple that nobody but the sender and receiver could read iMessage data thanks to their use of end-to-end encryption. While the researchers discovered that they were able to intercept and decrypt iMessages, Apple was quick to respond insisting iMessages infrastructure is not set up for that type of interception. So which is it? Is iMessage secure or not?

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Apple says theoretical exploits be damned, they can't read your iMessages

Earlier this week security researchers presented their paper highlighting how a man-in-the-middle attack could let Apple, or an agency compelling Apple, read our iMessage despite the end-to-end encryption. Not so says Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller. AllThingsD:

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Android is 'more secure than the iPhone' claims - wait for it - Google's chairman

Eric Schmidt, former Apple board member, former CEO of Google, and one of the all-around wackiest public speakers in modern technology has reportedly once again taken stage to flabbergast and confuse proponents of logic, reason, and truthiness everywhere. John Fontana, ZDNet:

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iOS 7 Security: The good, the bad, and the controversy

As with nearly all software updates from Apple, iOS 7 brought with it a large number of security updates for users. Ranging from entirely new features all the way down to minor tweaks and enhancements, there's a lot to discuss when it comes to iOS 7 security. iMore's editor-in-chief Rene Ritchie briefly touched on most of the changes in his iOS 7 review, but I thought it would be fun to take a closer look.

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Adobe confirms huge security breach, source code, user accounts affected

Adobe Systems on Thursday announced via its blog that hackers have infiltrated the company's systems and have accessed both Adobe application source code and customer records. The breach affects 2.9 million user accounts and includes encrypted credit card information, according to Adobe Chief Security Officer Brad Arkin.

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Another lockscreen bug found in iOS 7 but here's how you can avoid it

Over the course of the existence of iOS there has been several lockscreen bugs found and ultimately fixed by Apple. With the release of iOS 7 even though there was a ton of security improvements, yet another has been found as reported by Forbes

This one is essentially the same as several others found in the past wherein a not so nice individual can gain access to your devices photos app, email, social networks and more through the Control Centre.

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