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How to block spam calls on your iPhone

Spam phone calls are annoying and can be somewhat dangerous if you're not privy to scams. Download a good call blocking app and stop the spam dead in its tracks.

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How to mark a Calendar event as spam

Have you been receiving spam calendar invites? Apple has added a feature to iCloud so you can report them as junk.

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How to report iMessage spam to Apple

A new Apple Knowledge Base article details steps that people can take to report spam iMessages. If you receive and unwanted iMessage, you can report it to by sending a screenshot of the message, the sender's email address or phone number, and the date and time that the message was received.

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How to suppress telemarketing calls on the iPhone

There are few first-world problems as infuriating as spammy telemarketing calls. Sadly, carrier networks don't seem to have their interests aligned with customers enough to prevent the wasting of our voice minutes, not to mention our life minutes, and iOS doesn't make blocking calls or messages easy either. And, of course, they always seem to come in just as we're sitting down to eat, relax, or in my case, while traveling so I can get stuck paying exorbitant roaming fees as well. Luckily, developer David Smith was annoyed enough to find a work around.

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Spammers take fake iPhone 5 scams to SMS

Scammers never miss an opportunity to scam, and while Twitter, forums, and email have long been subject to disgusting "test & keep new iPhone/iPad/whatever" spam, it looks like the iPhone 5 version has taken to SMS. That's right, not only are they content to waste your time and attention, they're now also wasting your text message totals.

A couple of our Twitter followers received identical scam spam today:

Apple is looking for iPhone 5 testers! The first 1000 users that go to [scam web address] and enter [scam code] will get to test & keep a new iPhone 5.

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App Store search spam -- can we get a rejection for that?

Go to the iTunes App Store, search for an app you want, and get your results flooded with spam-apps. Its a growing problem as unscrupulous developers keep finding new and annoying ways to try and game Apple's approval process and scam users. highlights some of the worst offenders, but more importantly offers legitimate developers a way to take action:

When an app is infringing on your copyright or trademark, the proper procedure is to send a clear notice to citing your intellectual property and which apps are infringing it (provide their iTunes URLs to eliminate ambiguity). As part of this notice for trademark infringements, you can request that apps not be allowed to use your trademark to market themselves in search results (keyword spam).

Hopefully Apple will save developers the frustration and

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American Idol Spam Text Messages on AT&T

Now this is not something new here, but AT&T and American Idol are at it again. The past few days AT&T has been sending out text messages advertising one of Fox's TV shows. How do I know? I got one of them... Of course this message does not cost the recipient anything and they could easily opt out by responding to the spam with a simple "stop". Even so, it still has the ability to be bothersome to AT&T customers.

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State of the Apps: Dev-Cash in Hand, Keywords Spammed, iBoobs banned, Approval Process Jammed

While many iPhone devs probably haven't struck it rich (just as many of the apps flooding the store haven't yet been strike-it-rich worthy), quality products that find an audience are still proving to be massive income sources for some developers reports Fake Steve Real Dan Lyons in Newsweek:

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