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Three UK to offer LTE as standard when available later this year, no premium price plan needed

UK network Three has announced that it will offer LTE on its network later this year and unlike other operators, there will be no premium for the service. Three UK announced that it plans to roll out LTE later this year on its 1800MHz spectrum which it acquired as part of the deal which gave EE (Everything Everywhere) a head start in the launch of LTE in the UK.

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AT&T vs Verizon vs Sprint: Which iPhone 5 carrier should you choose?

If you're in the U.S. it's probably not so easy deciding which carrier is best for your iPhone 5 needs, AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. Price is always a huge factor to consider when choosing a carrier, but coverage should be just as, if not more, important when making a decision. Since the iPhone 5 supports LTE cellular technology, you're going to want to take a close look at which carriers offer the best LTE coverage in your area. Then there's the matter of simultaneous voice and data -- AT&T can do it over HSPA data, but Sprint and Verizon need Wi-Fi. And don't forget international roaming.

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Sprint confirms that unlimited data will stay unlimited, even if next iPhone has LTE

Sprint has confirmed that it will still offer an unlimited data plan for the next generation iPhone. There was some doubt that the unlimited data would remain, especially if the iPhone 5 has the expected LTE radio.

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AT&T officially changes unlimited data policy, will throttle over 3GB

AT&T has officially stated that it will now be throttling grandfathered unlimited data uses after 3GB of usage in one billing cycle. If you have a 4G LTE device, you will now be allowed up to 5GB before your data performance is hindered.

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Sony working on Music Unlimited apps for the iPhone and iPad

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Sony is bringing its Music Unlimited service to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch later this year. Music Unlimited is Sony’s subscription based streaming music service and will be available as an app for all iOS devices.

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Sprint says no to throttling, still offering "true" unlimited data

After Dow Jones misconstrued some comments by Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, Sprint has come out with an official statement saying they do not throttle regular subscribers under their unlimited data plans.

Reports that Sprint throttles the top one percent of data users are false. Here are the facts:

  • Sprint does not throttle any postpaid phone data users for on-network or off-network usage. Sprint is the only national carrier offering smartphone users truly unlimited data with no throttling, metering or overages while on the Sprint network.

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Sprint CEO: We throttle top 1 percent of data users [UPDATE]

Hot off the Dow Jones Newsire comes a report that, according to their CEO Dan Hesse, Sprint is throttling the top 1 percent of data users, including their new iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S subscribers.

"For those that want to abuse it, we can knock them off," Hesse said at an investor conference Thursday. He said Sprint pares back data use for about 1% of users, a practice known as throttling.

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Sprint releases Unlimited iPhone 4S commercial

Sprint has released its first commercial for the iPhone 4S titled “Unlimited iPhone”. The ad is all about the Sprint unlimited data plan that comes with an iPhone 4S on its network.

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Sprint will indeed offer unlimited data for iPhone users

Phone Scoop was able to confirm that Sprint, as rumored, will be offering iPhone customers unlimited data plans starting at $69.99.

Sprint today confirmed to Phone Scoop via telephone that the Apple iPhone 4S will have access to all the same voice and data plans (at the same rates) that Sprint's current smartphones do -- including unlimited 3G data and the 5GB mobile hotspot cap.

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