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AT&T to throttle top 5% of "unlimited" data users

If you still have an "unlimited" data plan with AT&T and you're among the top 5% of data users, prepare to be throttled.

Starting October 1, smartphone customers with unlimited data plans may experience reduced speeds once their usage in a billing cycle reaches the level that puts them among the top 5 percent of heaviest data users. These customers can still use unlimited data and their speeds will be restored with the start of the next billing cycle. Before you are affected, we will provide multiple notices, including a grace period.

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Verizon confirms $30 unlimited iPhone data plan -- for now

The Verizon iPhone will -- for now -- have an unlimited $30 data plan option according to what Verizon COO Lowell McAdam told the Wall Street Journal:

“I’m not going to shoot myself in the foot,” he said. Not offering an unlimited plan would put up a barrier for customers who might otherwise switch from AT&T, he said. The country’s No. 2 carrier still has millions of subscribers grandfathered into unlimited plans they signed up for before AT&T switched to tiered pricing last summer.

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AT&T Offers New $100 Unlimited Voice/Data (Not SMS) Plan for iPhone

In a move designed to match Verizon's recent price drop, AT&T has announced a new $100 unlimited voice/data plan for iPhone users, though it doesn't cover SMS which is still an extra $20 for unlimited. Here's the relevant passage from the presser:

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AT&T MicroCell Prices and Would You Pay Them?

What do you think about AT&T MicroCell Pricing?(surveys)

We all new it was coming, and we all new the pricing was likely to be (what's a more insane word for insane than insane?). Now Sascha Segan from Gearlog has word on the Charlotte, North Carolina launch, and just what those insanely insane prices are:

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UPDATED: AT&T 3G MicroCell Site is Live

Update: Engadget Mobile just got word from AT&T that the MicroCell and it's pricing structure are only in "public trial" at the moment in Charlotte, North Carolina. So sit tight folks as AT&T has "no other announcements to make at this time"

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