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How to buy an unlocked iPhone in Canada

Wondering where to buy an unlocked iPhone in Canada? Wondering if you should? Here's the answer!

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Buying an unlocked iPhone in the UK? Here's what you need to know

Want to break free from upfront fees and network subsidies? Welcome to the world of unlocked.

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What is a SIM card and what does it do?

What exactly is a SIM card? Here's everything you need to know!

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T-Mobile carrier update coming this week to enable LTE on existing iPhones

While nearly two million people have brought iPhones onto T-Mobile's network despite the carrier not offering the iPhone until the 12th of April, they've been saddled with service that's not as good as it could have been. According to TmoNews, that's set to change on April 5th, when T-Mobile plans to push a carrier update to iPhones on the network that will bring official visual voicemail and MMS to such devices as well as enabling LTE access for unlocked iPhone 5 users.

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The Verizon iPhone 5's SIM slot is unlocked, as it turns out

Some preliminary tests are showing that users can pop an AT&T or T-Mobile SIM card into a Verizon-branded iPhone 5, and you can get HSPA+ service as normal (assuming, of course, the GSM SIM is active). This is great news for T-Mobile customers that worried about having to unlock the SIM slot on their shiny new iPhone 5, as well as frequent flyers that regularly swap out SIM cards for local service. You can always shave down your own nano SIM cards, though it's generally not recommended.

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Reminder: the iPhone 5 needs a new Nano-SIM card, it will not work with your existing SIM

If you managed to survive this morning’s pre-order and grabbed yourself a shiny new unlocked iPhone 5 direct from Apple, you need to start thinking about SIM cards. The iPhone 5 doesn’t have the traditional, ubiquitous Nini-SIM card like the iPhone 3GS, it doesn’t even have the relatively new Micro-SIM card like the iPhone 4 either -- it uses a brand new SIM card which is called the Nano-SIM.

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iPhone 5 European pricing revealed, 16GB model suffers price increase

Apple has now revealed the pricing for an off contract SIM free iPhone 5 in various European countries and if you thought last year’s prices were expensive this year will see those costs go up again. Last year Apple sold the iPhone 4S 16GB version in the UK for £499.00, this year the iPhone 5 16GB model will be sold for £529.00; that’s an increase of around 6%.

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T-Mobile welcomes unlocked AT&T iPhone owners with cheap family plans

Though T-Mobile remains the only major carrier in the US without an official iPhone in their lineup, now that AT&T is officially unlocking eligible, off-contract iPhones, T-Mobile is welcoming them with open arms -- and cheap family plans. T-Mobile already had over 1 million unofficially unlocked iPhones on their network, and now that people can run iPhones without having to worry about jailbreak and software updates, it looks like they expect those numbers to rise.

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Sprint and Verizon to offer iPhone 4S unlocked for use overseas with a micro-SIM card

Sprint and Verizon will offer the iPhone 4S with an unlocked micro-SIM card slot according to information given to Macworld. The iPhone 4S is the first iPhone that can be classed as a world phone which means it has a GSM and CDMA radio. This is particularly useful if travelling overseas where CDMA networks are few and far between.

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