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Multiple Vulnerabilities Found in File Lite and File Pro iOS Apps

Bad news this week for any users of the iOS file management apps File Lite and File Pro. Researchers over at Vulnerability Laboratory have published details for three vulnerabilities that they discovered in the latest versions of both apps.

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iTunes 11.0.3 brings a number of important security fixes

Apple recently released iTunes 11.0.3 with a number of cosmetic improvements including an updated MiniPlayer and songs view. However, this release is more than just a pretty face, bringing a number of security patches which address a wide range of vulnerabilities. Even users not interested in the visual treatments will want to grab this update.

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Infamous Safari Security Cracker Finds Vulnerability-ish in iPhone OS?

Very little code is bullet-proof. Hackers will always find holes. The worst holes will be critical. The worst hacks will be zero-day and found in the wild -- catching companies and users both by surprise.

Not sure we have any of that here. Macworld does report that, at the Black Hat Europe Security Conference, former NSA number cruncher Charlie Miller -- who has rolled his ability to find exploits in the Mac version of Apple's Safari Browser into tens of thousands of dollars and a couple free MacBooks at the annual Pwn2Own contest -- claims to have:

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