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Spotify rumored to enter the video business, holding press event on May 20

A new report claims Spotify may be planning to enter the Internet video content business, and could be going after popular YouTube content creators. The rumor comes at the same time Spotify announced plans to hold a press event on May 20 in New York City.

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Google launches new YouTube app for kids

YouTube (and the internet in general) can be quite the daunting place for parents to have their kids roaming free on. Google has released a new YouTube app, specifically developed for younger audiences. It's a new portal for parents to have their children learn about various topics and discover exciting resources.

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Vector 75: HoloLens, VR ads, and YouTube alternatives

Vector is a news and analysis show focusing on the biggest stories, hottest trends, and most important issues in technology and popular culture. On this week's show, Microsoft has HoloLens, Google has Glass, Facebook has Oculus β€” what does Apple have or need? Also, what would ads in AR/VR be like, when YouTube makes demands are there alternatives, and the search for Guy. With Dave Wiskus, Georgia Dow, Rene Ritchie.

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YouTube now defaulting to HTML5 video

YouTube is now defaulting to HTML5 video, which if you've been following the evolution of the technology for a while is pretty much the angel opening the seventh seal on Flash.

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Apple TV gets a revamped YouTube app, adds Daily Motion, UFC

Apple TV will be adding several new apps to its set-top box today, along with a revamp of its YouTube app that will include a new design and several additional features.

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YouTube for iOS nabs an update, brings improved music features

Following its announcement of brand new music features earlier today, YouTube for iOS grabbed an update tonight. The update makes your music browsing experience better with the inclusion of a new dedicated music page that offers up listening recommendations. Also along for the ride is the ability to create an endless YouTube mix based on your favorite song or artist, as well as the option to stream full albums directly from search.

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YouTube iOS app updated with full support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Google has just issued a new update to its YouTube iOS app, which offer full optimization for the larger screens on Apple's new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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What's on Joe's iPad right now!

I like to use my iOS devices as extensions of each other. The Home screen of my retina iPad mini in many ways mirrors the one on my iPhone because these are the apps that I want to have access to no matter which screen I'm using. I use one of Apple's iOS 7 wallpapers, and I keep only a few of Apple's stock apps on my screen, but they are the ones I use constantly.

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YouTube Creator Studio checks your video stats, comments, and more from your iPhone

Google has released YouTube Creator Studio for iPhone, which lets you manage your YouTube channel wherever your are. The app lets you respond to comments, check stats, and get notified on channel updates.

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What's on Joe's iPhone right now!

Since all of the cool kids are doing it, I thought that I'd show you what's on my iPhone. My iPhone is the single most important piece of technology in my line-up. It goes with my everywhere, and is my primary method of communication. I keep the most important apps on my first Home screen. I don't use most of the stock apps enough for them to merit a place on my first screen. Those few that remain, however, I use every day without fail. Messages, Camera, Maps, and Safari all remain on my Home screen.

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