With the arrival of the YouTube app on Nintendo Switch, gamers have yet another device they can watch all their favorite videos on. But if those gamers are kids of yours, you'll likely want to manage what they can and can't see. Let's discuss the parental control options available to you on YouTube for Switch.

Are there parental controls in YouTube for Nintendo Switch?

The quick answer is yes. But the full answer is that it's not really that great. YouTube on Switch has one lone option for protecting children called "Restricted Mode."

Just as it works on desktop mode, Restricted Mode hides videos that the service deems inappropriate. There's still no great way to know how the algorithm determines which content fits under that bill. At a minimum, we know videos that are sexual, violent, and hateful in nature won't show up, as well as anything that is age-restricted.

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In my own testing, I found that the service hid a lot of the wrestling and MMA recommendations I normally get (though many of these videos still turned up in search), as well as anything drenched in vulgar language. It seemed to work well in that regard, however, there's likely to be stuff that slips through the cracks of YouTube's algorithms that may still show up in your random browsing and searching.

And the service doesn't really offer you much in the way of fine tuning for your own experience. It's either 'on' or 'off'.

Are there alternatives to YouTube on Switch?

The Nintendo Switch doesn't have any alternatives to YouTube at the current time, so if you're worried about what it may show to your kids then it's best not to allow them to use the app at all.

You can find the YouTube Kids app on smartphones and tablets as an alternative, as well as many other kid-centric video apps available on iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. If that's not an option, you may want to supervise your children while they watch YouTube on the Nintendo Switch.

How to use Restricted Mode on YouTube for Nintendo Switch

If you've decided to use YouTube and want to make it a bit safer, we'll show you where to find the option. Just follow along:

  1. Open the YouTube app on Nintendo Switch by navigating to it on the home screen and pressing the A button.

  2. On the left side of the app, tap the 'Settings' button. It's the bottom-most button with a gear icon on the left side of the screen.

  3. Find 'Restricted Mode' in the Settings list and tap it.

  4. Tap the 'On' button to enable Restricted Mode.

Your viewing experience should be a lot safer now. Again, it isn't a catch-all to block all the content you don't want your young ones seeing, but it's better than nothing.

Stay safe!

Even with these controls, it's possible for your kids to view something that you deem inappropriate. Be sure to monitor their usage and consider alternative options to viewing YouTube if you find that the app's parental control options are a bit too thin.