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Camera tests: Zoom on the iPhone 7 vs iPhone 7 Plus

How do the zoom features on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus hold up in the real world?

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How to use the zoom feature on the iPhone 7 Plus

One-handed zoom is here, and it’s glorious.

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How to use Zoom in Accessibility on iPhone and iPad

If you have trouble seeing the small print on your iPhone's screen, you can enable Zoom, which will enlarge anything on your screen, while letting you use all the same gestures. You can even pair it with VoiceOver for further assistance. Here's how to use Zoom!

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For iPhone Lens for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4

The For iPhone Lens for the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 comes with a tripod, a holder, a case, and large zoom lens that can take your photos all up close and personal.

Assembly is easy and the results are good. It's not priced in the thousands like Nikon or Canon lenses, so set your expectations according, but it does exactly what it claims -- adds an 8x optical zoom to your iPhone photography.

I tried it out on both an iPhone 4 and and iPhone 4S. Both take good photos and the iPhone 4S takes great photos for a phone, but the built in digital zoom is... really not great. So, my primary concern here was for something affordable that handled optical zoom but otherwise got out of the way and let the iPhone camera do the heavy lifting. And that's what I got.

If you don't want to lug around a DSLR or even a pocket camera, but still want something to help you take pictures of your kids soccer game, your favorite band in concert, your special someone accepting an award, wild life on your nature walk, or anything else you need to get a closer look at but just can't get closer to, the For iPhone Lens is definitely something to consider.

Source: Photojojo

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TiPb Asks: Are you tempted by the PlayBook or an Android Honeycomb tablet?

If it were possible for the iPad to own 138% of the tablet market it probably would, but competing devices have already launched like the Motorola Xoom, are about to launch like the BlackBerry Playbook, or will be launching later in the year like the HP TouchPad and more Android Honeycomb tablets.

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Daily tip: How to use the zoom accessibility mode for iPhone/iPad

Have trouble making out the small icons and tiny text on iPhone or iPad and curious how you can zoom in for a better view? We've previously told you about 2 of iOS's accessibility features and how you can use them, like reading White text on Black and using VoiceOver to read your messages and audiobooks. After the break, I'll be showing you how you can zoom your iPhone or iPad screen as well.

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iPhone 3.1 Beta 2: Triple Click Home for Voice Over, White on Black, or Ask Menu

Speaking of iPhone 3GS accessibility features, it looks like Apple is improving them in iPhone 3.1 Beta 2 by adding a new "triple click" option to the home button to toggle VoiceOver, Toggle White on Black, and Ask (which then will pop up a menu offering Turn VoiceOver On, Turn Zoom On, Turn White on Black On).

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Review: Griffin Clarifi for iPhone 3G

The Griffin Clarifi Case for iPhone 3G is available from The iPhone Blog Store for $29.95. If you are looking for a case that enhances your close-up iPhone camera photos, is slim and dockable then this case might be for you. Let’s see how it measures up after the break!

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Is That a Zoom-Lens On Your iPhone...

...Or is it just happy to see Brando's new iPhone 3G Telescope case?


While it won't earn any marks for stealthy good looks, this 6x zoom, which comes integrated into a clear case (for support, no doubt) may just get the conversation going... if not the lawsuits, arrest warrants, Gitmo, etc...

Want it? Brando HK has it for $19.

(via Gizmodo)

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Tip O' The Week: Fingertip Tricks for Scrolling

Once I finally trained myself to no longer reflexively reach for a stylus on my iPhone, it truly hit me that the world was at my fingertips (warning: pun alert). Flipping through photo albums with the flick of my finger just doesn't get old. Pinching text and photos to fit on the screen or expanding the same with my thumb and index finger was intuitive from the time my iPhone came out of the box.

I like the little things, like tapping the very top of the screen to return to the top of a web page after scrolling down for miles. Conversely, it would be nice to have a similar mechanism for instantly jumping to the bottom, eh?

Read on for more Tapping, Scrolling,

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