Target to start selling iPhone 3G3, iPhone 4 on November 7th

Target has announced that it will begin selling iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS throughout 846 retail stores beginning on November 7th. Target will also offer quick in-store activation for purchasers and "expert support" to all of their customers.

At Target we continue to offer our guests the best in electronics so we're happy to add iPhone to our Target Mobile offerings

This will instantly expand access to the iPhone 3GS and the newer, more popular iPhone 4 to an even broader number of shoppers, especially getting into the holiday season.

So anyone planning to stop by Target for an iPhone?  Let us know in the comments!


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Andrew Wray

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Reader comments

Target to start selling iPhone 3G3, iPhone 4 on November 7th


yay! i was wondering when they would start selling the iPhone. i work there and we just started our Target Mobile store. im excited because i get to use my discount! lol.

surprisingly, we have them available on sale now. just ask around. they are at normal price, however, if you use your Target Red Card for the purchase, you will save 5%.