Teen who made $130,000 selling white iPhone 4 conversion kits shuts down site

do it yourself white iPhone 4

Fei Lam, the 17 year old who made a decent amount of change selling white iPhone 4 conversation kits has shut down his website.

According to an email Cult of Mac received from Lam, he stated “We have closed the site, possibly permanently”. While it's highly probable that Apple had a hand in closing down whiteiphone4now.com, the teen did not give any hint to what caused his websites demise but it may have something to do with a shady parts supplier he was accused of using to get a hold of the white iPhone 4 parts.

If you were thinking about purchasing the parts from Lam's site never fear, there are other sites out there that sell the parts or you can simply wait until Spring of 2011 for the official device direct from Apple.

[Cult of Mac]

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Reader comments

Teen who made $130,000 selling white iPhone 4 conversion kits shuts down site


Just as was noted the first time this story was on tipb -- the gross was estimated at $130,000. Unless he got all his components for free, his net was several orders of magnitude less.

How is this different from iFixit website? Is it because he is not getting it from a trusted source? Where does iFixit get parts from?

I broke the news on this a week ago in the forums. I guess TIPB didn't think I deserved the credit to have my name mentioned...lol

I agree with BJJ you didn't write the article and I can promise you didn't discover this news and i haven't checked your post but im curious if you credited your sources and if so why are you asking for credit on their story by means of your own rule.

@RP Not asking for anything clown so settle down. I made a statement. Did you see a question mark anywhere in my post? Nope.. didn't think so. And for your information my "source" was myself. I went to purchase the DIY kit and noticed the site was down. I then left the post in the forums to inform others and SHARE my findings. Get it? Got it? Good!

@ Erik ... nope, Apple not "squashing the little guys" anymore than Chase Bank coming after you for stealing $100 ... theft is theft.