TiPb Give-Away: Special Edition Street Fighter IV iPhone Cases (iPad Give-Away Qualifier)

Street Fighter Special Edition iPhone Cases

When we met with Tezuka-san and the Capcom Street Fighter IV team at GDC 2010, he was gracious enough to give us not one, but two (2!) special edition promotional Street Fighter IV iPhone cases. Full color, they feature Ryu and Ken and are emblazoned with the slogan "Waiting for a new challenger" and the Street Fighter IV logo. When we got these Capcom told us there were only a few left in North America. This is the real deal, and they're letting us give them away to you, our readers.

How can you enter? Easy, just leave a comment on any of our TiPb Apps Podcast posts (a real, on-topic comment, not just "can has win?", okay?). Only one comment will count per podcast post, but you can make a comment on as many of the posts as you like (and we've got over 20 episodes now!) We'll pick two (2) readers at random to get the cases so be sure to leave a valid email address with your comment. The give-away is open to anyone with a US or Canadian shipping address, starts now, and ends Sunday March 21, 2010 at 12pm PT.

(And to sweeten the pot some more, we have some promo codes and gift certificates to give away for a few of the apps as well. Which ones? That's a surprise so try to hit them all!)

Oh, and every post you comment on also counts as an entry for TiPb's big iPad give-away, so get going!

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Reader comments

TiPb Give-Away: Special Edition Street Fighter IV iPhone Cases (iPad Give-Away Qualifier)


Those cases are just PRIME!!!! At last a case to show off the SF fangirl in me! I hope I win if not im with Daniela!

I love street fighter and my fav characters are Ryu and Ken. I sure hope I win. It would be amazing. Especially since i need a case!

Street Fighter is a classic! I am not too sure how this game will be on the iPhone which is why I have yet to purchase it. I think $9.99 is too steep for a game like this... It looks like the controls take up precious screen real estate. It would still be nice to try. I am waiting for Streets of Rage!

iWant! Many a day spent in a local arcade wasting away with a group of friends dueling each other in streetfighter II back in college.

I love tipb. No other site is so well organized or worthy enough of such honest give aways. Unbelievably awesome.

I can haz... Oh wait... They said NOT to use that. My bad! :) I would like to win because I remember wasting many a quarter in the old arcades playing SF until the controls broke.[1] Also I just got my iPhone and had no idea there were covers for it! Actually I really don't know how to do almost anything with it :) BUT... I would LOOK like I was an iPhone guru :)

This is a very slick case for one of my favorite fighting games. I'm crossing my fingers on this one!

Daniela, I read that Capcom has not planned to sell these in the US. Only a select few were given these cases at GDC.

I tried it and the game and graphics are awesome but I still wish Apple would allow a way to play wirelessly via a remote control. I know its possible bebecause in the Jailbreak world you can play Nintendo Emulator games with a Wii Remote.

I remember playing streetfighter back in jhs! Love that game. My fav was guile and his sonic boom! I would love to get my hands on these!!!

Loved sf as a kid and getting the game was a blast from the plast without the sore thumbs even though it is the newer game. I would so love a case ryu and ken being my favorite characters.

sf4 on iphone is freaking awesome love this game just wish they had more character from the full game

Unfortunately I got no US or Canadian shipping address but maybe i can win one of the promo codes...

I can't wait to use RDP on the ipad. this looks like the perfect device for terminal and remote server admin. You can even play a game while you wait for processes. After it is jailbroken of course.

The Street Fighter IV iPhone game actual looks pretty good. I'm hoping iPad games are going to step it up a notch.

Alas the game continues. As I stated previously this is a very cool way to lead up to the Ipad, Small little contests that are in itself cool just to keep it interesting. Loving every minute of it!

street fight iPad case would be even better than iPhone case but hey.......beggers cant be choosers right?

I have played this, don't think it is worth 10 bucks, but it is a great throwback to the days of old...

Street Fighter really takes me back! I might just have to drop some cash on this one and see if I can remember any moves!

Most of the moves are familiar to me... and the revenge and ultra attacks are really kewl, good job on the game, hope there are updates soon with some more features and longer play/save options

I remember playing SF way back in the day when Sagat was the only boss and he was hard as hell to defeat not like games now.

Street Fighter really takes me back! I might just have to drop some cash on this one and see if I can remember any moves!