TiPb iPhone 4 give-away: last chance to enter! (Plus stereo BT headphone give away!)

iPhone 4

TiPb's giving away an iPhone 4 (technically a US Apple Retail Store gift certificate). In order to win, you need to make us a video telling us why you should be the one to get it. We're awarding the prize next Wednesday. That means this is your last chance to enter.

Want an iPhone 4, go read the contest details then put on your video hat and make with the movie. (Truth - there's a lot of lazy people out there who won't bother, odds are heavily in your favor if you do!)

Check out the first batch of entries, after the break and let us know your favorite. We'll pick a comment at random (a good quality one, no spam, no trolling) and give the commenter a Motorola S9-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headset courtesy of the TiPb iPhone Accessory Store.

(We'll post some more videos on Monday, so get yours in ASAP to be included!)

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Reader comments

TiPb iPhone 4 give-away: last chance to enter! (Plus stereo BT headphone give away!)


I think they are all pretty different/good in my opinion. I hope people like mine (which is the Timmy one)

we'll have a bunch more up soon. (Also trying to track down people who made videos but didn't mark them as responses :-/ )

The ENVY Movie Trail is by far the most entertaining, technical, and creative one of the bunch. The entry using the cat, is a cat video, nothing more. Far too long and I want my 2:38 minutes of my life back please! The Timmy one was bearable because the boy is cute until halfway through and doing something for shock value is sophmoric. Don't even get me started on the guy geting the tattoo and this is coming from a guy that has all of neck covered, back of my skull, and 2 full sleeves. Oh and a orange rectangle diaginally across my entire back. Well maybe I am a bite carzy, but getting ink to win something other then a house, college tution, paying a $10,000+ bill, or medical bill is wrong on so many levels.

No more cats! ENVY had a lot of special effects...and thats it. Some pretty terrible acting (no offense) and not sure why you would want the iPhone 4...so your not a zombie? The tattoo guy...I feel sorry that he has a tattoo that says "4G" when thats not even what its called and now he has that forever. The Timmy one was short and to the point and I understand why he wants it(Facetime to talk to Deaf friends lol) and a nice way to end it. Hope that iPhone is alright but talk about dedication, id never put my phone in water.

WOW that was the fakest tattoo video ever... that guy clearly didn't get one... just made the area red and put the fake one on it... for shame... and the guy doing the tattoo looks like he's 13.

Wow. I was considering making my own movie for the contest, but alas, I'm not willing to sacrifice my current phone, tattoo my body, or shackle the undead in my house. So here's hoping I'll at least win a headset.
Nice work, everyone.

@SteveO lol to be honest I thought the same thing. How do we know for sure he got one? they didnt film his leg the whole time getting it. But there are pics on the forum. Oh well...i guess we just trust he did.

Intersting picks. I would go with the Envy one as it seems like it took the most time to edit. Tattoos have been done already....
Oh, and that kitty video made God cry. I bet Lofte picked that one!

I thought the movie intro on Envy was great. The guy know how to make an intro. The rest of it stunk up the house though. Cat video started strong and then died with the cat. The tattoo one was terrible. SO I have to give it to the Jackass guy.

Whoa, you think your house stunk... imagine what mine smelt like with the shackled undead... Yep just like spaghetti sauce... Good thing the actors worked for food... Probably should have hired professionals...

Boo on the tattoo. I'm so tired of people walking away with these contest just because they get (or did they) some ink. I love TiPb but you guys have changed your site name 3 times now. This guy seems just as silly as the Zune guy to me.
As for the others I like #1, #3 TIMMY!, and #2 for the Star Wars scroll in that order.

The special effects in the ENVY movie trailer were cool. But I preferred the Timmy used to like his iPhone 3g. The tattoo one is a little excessive, and went too far.

ENVY: "A world changing technology some people are infected" what the hell does that even mean? same effects over and over. Cat video was a joke and tattoo looks fake. Only thing real was the iPhone in the dog bowl. Timmy should win it! Go Timmy! You sacrificed your iPhone 3G for this contest. hope you win it!

OK, seriously, most definitely NOT the tattoo guy who just wants to be like ME !!! I was the guy (idiot, self admitted) who got the Blackberry Storm tattoo for the Crackberry contest. I cannot tell you how much YOU WILL REGRET IT !!! I had already won the phone and I just had to get the ink to receive it, but man, you haven't won anything and now you have that FOREVER ! I seriously got a kick out of the Timmy video the most. By the way, my Blackberry tattoo is in the final stages of it's cover-up. And yes, I did drink the iPhone Kool Aid and yes I do love it :)

take out all periods cept where they belong
iphone 4.0 on 3gs....ur welcolme!!!!

I'd say the Envy video. I do video editing myself and know how time consuming it can be. Great entries by everyone though!

Cats are one of my weak spots. But I'd have to go with Envy, since they seemed to put in the most creative effort.

Even though I hate cats, I still wouldn't give it to the cat video (or someone with a dog video either). It just isn't very original or creative. Nobody cares about other people's pets! Likewise with the tatoo guy. Done with the Blackberry. Done with the Zune. Done with the Pre. Over and DONE. Please no more tatoo videos! Lame! The "Timmy used to like his 3G" video was mildly amusing, but ultimately falls short of the "iPhone Envy" video. Yes, the acting was lame, but the editing was spot-on and obviously took a great deal of time and effort, and at least the idea was original. At this point, I'd say the "iPhone Envy" would have to be in 1st place.

Envy dd not promote iPhone the way i thought it should.
The cat video is boreing. But thanks for the entry.
I like the Timmy video and the calll.
TAttoo was dumb.
Maybe I should enter...

Thanks to all the kind words so far everyone. True the envy video had the most special effects(even if it was the same effects over and over) but if it was a special effects contest I would have done more. Watch for content not so much the effects. That's how I feel anyway. Maybe after this contest I'll do a remix of my video just to show others I can do effects too :p

You can't see that technology TODAY is creating a bunch of zombies?
The guy needs the iPhone to CURE his ZOMBIE father!!!
Great concept.

take out all periods cept where they belong
iphone 4.0 on 3gs….ur welcolme!!!

i wanted to win an iphone 4 as i am a very big fan of APPLE gadgets.!
i love its features,my dad wont let me buy a new iphone right now.! so i wanted to win the phone myself.!