TiPb talking iPhone 4 press conference on ABC15 Phoenix

TiPb on ABC15 Phoenix talking iPhone 4 press conference

I had the pleasure earlier this morning to speak briefly about Apple's upcoming iPhone 4 press conference with Kirk Yuhnke of ABC15 news in Phoenix, AZ. Will Steve Jobs be there? What action will Apple take?

Check out the video after the jump and join us for the live meta-blog starting soon.

[ABC15 Phoenix]

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TiPb talking iPhone 4 press conference on ABC15 Phoenix


Sweet. You're famous! I'm watching this site waiting for the conference as I drive home to Houston. I need some info now apple!!!

Let me rephrase douche. I'm riding shotgun on the ride back. Oh and sorry you can't multi task. I can. And in my profession you have to or yes you will crash. I'm a pretty good driver sorry you can't be.

Ouch, the sound quality sounds bad :(, but on the other hand, Congrats! Love seeing SPE sites on TV :)