And TiPb's iPhone 4 give-away goes to...


We asked you to show us why TiPb should give you an iPhone 4 (technically a gift-certificate for the US Apple Retail Store in the amount of $499) and boy did you show us. You made it so tough for me to pick a winner, I didn't even try -- I recused myself and made the folks at SPE do it for me (sorry, I love you all too much, I would have gone all Oprah, given the to everyone, and gotten fired).

SPE did pick a winner, however. And we're going to announce who it is, who's getting the iPhone 4 -- and the surprise twist we also came up with! -- after the break!

Bonus Prize

So here's the thing. Dude got a tattoo first video out. That's a heck of a bar to set. And anyone crazy enough to get a tattoo deserves a phone. Now, I know some of you doubted that it's real, so we'll give him a chance to prove himself -- send us a photo asap of the tattoo as it looks today, take it next to newspaper or next to a current story from TiPb or something -- and I'll personally send you a phone. That one's on me. (Side effect -- I'm banning tattoos from future contests -- this is the last one!)

So here's your bonus round, RyanShitlipz, send me the pic -- rene (at) tipb (dot) com.

RyanShitlipz's Tattoo


There are also a few folks who, while they didn't win the big prize, got enough votes that we wanted to give them something. Courtesy of the TiPb iPhone Accessory Store, you're going to get a case for whichever iPhone you want - iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (when they're available). We'll contact you and you can let us know.

cregan4584 - iPhone Vacation

pazafuera - Life Before FaceTime

rodrigo19bran - The Best for Last


And that brings us to our winner. It had drama, it had tension, it had thrills, it had chills, it had a TiPb logo that looked, quite frankly, terrified out of its icon. The winner of our iPhone 4 give-away is...


But wait, there's more...

Thanks again to everyone who entered, from safesolvent and his gorgeous Cannon 5D Mark II 1138 to Gerorne going hilariously black and white to the vocal stylings of justdrew1985 to Doodle Jumps and Funeral bumps, Timmy and farmdreads. We appreciate all of you...

And make sure you check back in day or few because we just might be doing another iPhone 4 contest...!

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

And TiPb's iPhone 4 give-away goes to...


Nice Dan, at least you got I think for the next video contest, since tattoos are out of the question, I am going to get the TiPb logo branded into my skin! That oughtta win me a phone...or at least a case.

That's total bullcrap (this is not biased, I didn't submit a video)! While he obviously took it to more of an extreme than some others, this is hardly verifiable. Not only that, getting a tattoo to win a contest is about as unoriginal as it gets. Pick someone who submitted something creative and original!

@farm lol
@ryan thanks, appreciated your support
To the winners, congrats. I did my best, but I am amazed by the support I had. Your all kick ass in my book.

Boo boo boooooo on tattoo dude getting a phone. Thank goodness you are banning tattoo contestants in future. New restriction should apply SPE site(s) wide. I prefer the contestants that put real effort into the contest rather than the ones that resort to the old & tired "get a tattoo and win" that seems to always be the case.
Congrats to BBVISUALIST and all the other runners-up.

Utterly disappointed in your decision!
You are rewarding a guy for having a buddy record a monumental example of stupidity? Not only is it completely UNORIGINAL (copied from Crackberry contest) and LACKING IN CREATIVITY, but it is WRONG! What the heck is a "4G"? Did he maybe mean "iPhone 4"? I don't know.
I just can't believe you dismissed the other submissions that took some level of creativity, effort, and originality and picked this pathetic joke for the winner.
Darwin would be very disappointed.

Congrats to the winner.
The runner ups should be thank full for atleast getting something for their efforts.
umm...Dan, let it go man.

That tat is real. He posted pics in forum. Well, congrats to him. Best luck to you all on the next contest because Cregan is burning the mofo down.

winner - if your tattoo is not real, please man up and say it on here and present cregan with the award. i not make video but he put a lot into it. if tattoo is real, you win - congrats. if not, do not take credit and pass it to cregan... even tough it will be hard. you will be rewarded later.

The contest was about making a video, the tattoo guy had enough imagination to surprise the judges with his video even if its a fake tattoo. He doesnt needs to proove himself to anyone, not even to the judges. If you already announce him as a winner, hive him the prize (iPhone 4). He deserves it. Its a shame that you (TiPb) ask for something and then you ask to demonstrate something that has no relationship with the original meaning of the contest.
The tattoo idea was stupid? YES
Is an original idea? NO
But he surprised you (judges), he gave you what you wanted... so give him the prize!!
Juan Ugarte - Mexico

Congrats everyone! Mine name isn't Timmy if anyone wondered :p but I'm onna go all out on the next contest :)

I know it's a lot to ask that people actually read the posts before commenting, but it would be highly appreciated :)
Tattoo didn't win, ENVY won. But if that tat is real, I'm giving him a phone anyway (outside the contest). Because that's crazy. And we're not letting tattoos in again because it's been done. (But if Angelina Jolie wants to get a TiPb stamp, we can't stop her!)
Thanks again to everyone.
And yes, you can enter again. Enter all the contests, we love giving stuff away. You guys are awesome enough after all.

Horrible WINNER!! He didn't even get the name right!!! What r u guys thinking?!?! Dan should have WON!!!! I'm gonna stop read this site.. Who ever made this is choice is WRONG.

@rene - you are right - we did not read. might i add that you should do better about posting. winners shoudl be listed 1, 2, 3. Not 321. The word winner did not stand out. better luck next time.

I have no dog in this fight, but after viewing them it seems like "cregan4584" really did a superior job. Nothing about the winning video made me LOL like his "I just got a tweet from the green Power Ranger." Even better, he referenced some of the other entries FTW. I can't say I know what the judges were thinking here.

Aww, I'm disappointed that Gerorne didn't, at least, get runner-up. According to the poll, he seemed to be a hit.

I'm ready for another contest! I have ideas already, and this time I'll have more than 4 days to do it!

Wow, the guy got a really bad looking tattoo and even got the name of the phone wrong. That dude needs some serious help.

Holy crap you people can't be considered literate can you? The ENVY guy won not that tattoo guy. Rene seriously, these a-holes don't deserve give aways and free stuff because they're way too stupid.

Yes, ENVY does deserve praise more than Tatoo deserves anger. It definitely caught my attention as soon as I saw it. And I always saw that one as my closest competition.
Unfortunately, I apparently overestimated my own. But losing to the one that I thought was the best makes losing not all that bad.

Hey guys. I just want to say a few things. Im the guy that did the tattoo. No i dont regret doing the tatt, it was a blast. Why i did it was because Rene said, as a joke, we want tattoos and jello wrestling, the first idea was to have both in the same video, but apparently people get offended by this. I am so sorry if i have offended anyone. Also i didnt know about that crapberry guy doing the tattoo since i dont even like those phones. Strong of him to do it, but it wasnt planned to come out as a copy or so.
The last thing, yes its 4G. People seem to think im a retard NOT knowing its called 4. What should i do when i wanted to be super quick with the video and the phone hadnt even been presented? What about if it would look different than it did? I did it this way to show that it was a 4th generation iphone that was the prize. The same thing with the 1st generation iphone, the 2nd, 3rd and now 4th. I am truly sorry about this too. Its quite a shame that the respect is gone for other people. I LOVE some of the other entries and even if i didnt like one of them, i wouldnt call the author retard, gay or stupid. Thats just disrespectfull. Anyway i am sorry if i offended you in any way, and i also hope you can go on living your lives as you used to before the competition. To the rest of you and ofcourse It was a blast and i had a great time. To the ppl that supported me (if any since im apparently a retard :) ) thanks a lot, i appreciate it alot ;)

Brandon , Congrats. You deserved to win. Very creative and twisted. To all the others who are jealous. TS !!

@Rene - Very nice of you to give Tattodude a Bonus Prize! Now make sure he gets the phone!He did his part!
@Congrats Ryan To your new Iphone 4!
@The guys who pick on Tatto dude! Come on! Get over it!
He came out with a surprising video AND he didn't win, Can't you read? BONUS PRIZE! He got a BONUS Prize. READ!!!!!
And giving him a lot of crap is just disrespectful.
He has not offended YOU and he does NOT have to apologize to anyone.