Top 5 budget and personal finance apps for iPhone

TiPb checks out the best, most must-have budget tracking apps to help keep your personal finances in order on-the-go.

Top 5 budget tracking an finance apps for iPhone

There are a ton of great budget tracking apps in the App Store, but which ones are the financial best of the best? Which iPhone app should you be using to ensure you'll always be within your monthly spending limit, always have that vacation fund ready and waiting, and always be on top of your overall finances?

Although the options are aplenty, we've narrowed the list down to the top 5 apps to help keep you focused on your spending and income levels without giving yourself too much of a headache. Read on after the break!


iReconcile is one of my favorite apps for staying on top of all my personal finances. It comes packed with a ton of great features including a built-in check register, extensive reporting and an online backup and sync service ($1.99/mo or $19.99/yr). Best of all, the app comes with a budget tracker tool that's second to none, allowing you to drill down to yearly, monthly, weekly or even a daily budgeting.

Setting up a budget with iReconcile is quick and easy, with options to choose which categories and sub-categories should be included or excluded from your setup. Another useful feature for me is the rollover option, which lets your remaining funds for the month's budget rollover into the next month's budget without any user input whatsoever. Budgeting with your check register has never been easier, and with the amount of additional features iReconcile offers, I'd highly recommend giving it a try!

[$2.99 -- iTunes link]


Expenditure is a gem of a budget & finance tracking app. It features effortless methods for adding new transactions and going over your allotted chunk of spending money, and comes with awesome features that were missing from some of the other apps I chose for this post. A good example is when adding a new transaction you'll be presented with options for including a photo or a quick note, which effectively pushes the customizability and flexibility of your transactions beyond most basic budgeting apps.

The attention to detail in this app shouldn't be overlooked -- another great example is the built-in currency converter with a rather extensive list of supported currencies, making it easy to keep yourself on a budget when vacationing or out of the county.

[$1.99 -- iTunes link]


If you've been on the hunt for a more feature-packed budgeting app then look no further than MoneyBook. It's simple in nature, but looking a little deeper you'll find a number of unexpected surprises. Entering a new transaction is a breeze, with flexible options for adding notes or affixing a specific category to individual transactions. In addition, MoneyBook has options to export your finances and also lets you password protect sensitive items you don't want others to see. I didn't see any graph or chart options, so you may want to keep that in mind when choosing which app is for you.

MoneyBook also comes with a free cloud backup service in case you lose your iPhone or just want to make sure your important transactions are stored somewhere other than on the device itself.

[$2.99 -- iTunes link]


Speaking of the cloud... Need a secure, simple and intuitive way of keeping your finances in order while simultaneously taking advantage of that newfangled cloud technology everyone keeps talking about? Toshl delivers with a clean iPhone expense tracking app featuring a built-in (and free!) easy to use online syncing service. The app takes away the worry of losing your spending history by syncing everything -- literally everything -- to the cloud automatically after adding or updating a transaction, with manual sync options for those looking for a little more control.

In addition to a well thought out design, the developers offer great upgrade incentives such as multiple user support for family budgeting, added export options for Excel, PDF and Google Docs along with karma points for supporting the developers. You can either use the free service or upgrade to the Pro option for just $19.95/year.

[Free -- iTunes link]


To describe Mint as a well-rounded and feature-rich finance service would be an understatement. In terms of budget tracking, it beats most apps out of the water with ease. Mint automatically updates your spending and transactions without any user input required. It does so by connecting directly to your bank account through Mint's secure and award-winning online service. It keeps an eye on all of your spending and automatically categorizes your transactions in the background so you don't have to constantly update your spending profile in order for the service to work for you.

You can add checking, savings or even your retirement account information for an in-depth overview of your spending and saving habits, and comes with added notification features so you never miss a bill or come too close to your spending limit. They'll even notify you of any suspicious transactions they see!

Although Mint isn't just for budget tracking, it does a superb job at it. Along with its many features, I see Mint as one of the best options out there for categorizing and tracking your spending while on the go. The service is free, so what are you waiting for?

[Free -- iTunes link]

Your top budget and finance apps?

There's a lot of other great apps out their for tracking and keeping tabs on your finances -- each offering unique features other apps might have missed -- so take a look in the App Store to see what fits your needs. Also, be sure to check out our Picks of the Week and the TiPb iPhone App and Games Forum for more recommendations, and if we missed any of your favorites, leave them in the comments below!

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Top 5 budget and personal finance apps for iPhone


The Purchases Tracker iPhone/iPod Touch application was created to help in tracking monthly expenses and getting a handle on where our family's money was being spent.
Purchases Tracker was designed for tracking purchases, receipts and managing cash flow. Its great for the "Road warrior" looking to ensure all your travel expenses are reimbursed, for those just looking to get a handle on their purchases, and it gives you the ability to compare past prices for items you have previously purchased.

I also use Pageonce Pro and love it. From what I have noticed the only difference between the free and pro version are the adds (I think the free one has adds, it has been a while since I used it) and the pro version also lets you update all accounts with one button. I also like how you can add other types of accounts such as travel rewards, bills, etc.
Not as good as Mint for budgeting but great over all.

If you’re interested in Pageonce, before buying the app, try the $1/month rental. They offer the same features. The only difference between the free & paid versions is the limit on accounts is removed & you get that 1-touch update button, which really isn’t worth paying for. Pageonce is basically a bill reminder app. There is no budgeting, no user input of transactions, no importing of historical info. Mint offers better features & that’s not saying much
Cheers !

Pageonce Pro has: the ability to track investment portfolios, ad free, view detailed bill and account info, track frequent flyer miles and rewards, track mobile minutes, texts and data usage, add unlimited number of accounts, refresh all accounts at once, ability to manually create bills i.e. rent due on the first.

Although I must admit if Mint ever becomes campatible with UK accounts I will almost certainly be making the switch.

I've been using iXpenseIt for quite a while as well and was almost certain that it will be featured in the Top 5.

Mint sounds like a great application! Is there anybody who has experience using this app? I'm going to download it and check the reviews, but I just wanted to hear a positive review from somebody on this site

Mint is seriously awesome. Worth putting time into. Some purchases don't get categorized properly and you have to re-categorize them, but once you do, it's a pretty awesome app and amazing software.

I have been using Mint for the past couple of maonths and I absolutely love it. It sends me an email every Saturday or Sunday with the weeks spending and alerts. Great app.

I've been using Mint for about 8 months. Absolutely love it. By far the best app for money tracking I've ever used, and I've used programs on both the old Palm OS and BlackBerry OS. I live in Canada so not all financial institutions are supported but the list is expanding. It's free but I would be happy to pay $10 for this app.

I like Mjnt as well. The only drawback to their mobile app is that you cannot enter new transactions from the app. That is the only drawback that I have seen. Add this feature and I'd say it goes from a 4.5 to a 5 for me.

My problem with Mint is that I have accounts that don't have online access, and Mint won't track anything that I can't have it linked to. Otherwise, it has some great features. I love YNAB personally, it just makes sense.

For keeping track of my expenses, I've been using iXpenseIt for about 3 years now (first on my iPhone 3G and now on my iPhone 4), and I'm extremely satisfied with it. As someone else also stated, they make frequent updates/improvements, which is always a good thing. I highly recommend it! :)

I've had a lot of success with HomeBudget. It's perfect for a family because my wife and I can each have the app on our iPhones and sync our budget between both.

I'm really liking HomeBudget, I wish I had discovered it earlier for inclusion in this post. They have a lite version and a paid version ($4.99) and the cloud sync option for multiple users is absolutely killer!

Hey handy you should try ynab 4 is the best software money can buy they have s 34 day trail period look them up also on youtube.

I use PocketMoney. At the time I was looking (a couple years ago) it was the only one that allowed me to keep track of all my finances in all my accounts and easily record transfers between them. I don't know if it's still the best, but I love it!

I use pocket money also. I love it. I also use MPG and it allows me to record my gas purchases and maintenance transactions into pocket money right from MPG.

PS Mint is easily the best one. It doesn't allow for manual transaction entering however you can categorize every transaction that comes through your bank account so it automatically budgets your $ based on those recurring transactions you categorized.
Ps your transactions already come in under a category which is cool but sometimes things that look misc. but are actually the movies, for example, could be miscategorized.
Very good app

Hands down is best - because once it's set up (enter your accounts) it's effortless to keep up. Quicken was a 2nd job. Mint just is. I use it constantly and it tells me everything I need to know - for free. Once you rack up some time with it (4 years for me) you can run trend reports to see changes over time. Want to know your monthly expense average for groceries or restaurants? Simple. Need to know your home improvement costs by year? Piece of cake. Wonderful aggregator that helps you detect fraud as well. Free. Web version is the best, mobile versions getting better all the time.

MoneyWell is awesome hands down. With a mac app and soon-to-be-released Dropbox sync, it's "buckets" concept is getting even butter. Clean polished interface too.

I downloaded and started using Mint over the weekend. I absolutely love it. First, I no longer have to my banks' website for my transaction and balance. Second, I'm able to also link (and sync) all my student loans along with car loan onto the app! Third, I love the pie chart breakdown of my expenditures. Who knew I ate out so much?! Apparently, Mint does :)

Mint is great with one (for me anyway) fatal flaw. You cannot customize budget start and end dates. It doesn't work well if your budget cycle runs from the 15th of the month to the 15th of the next or if you are paid on the 20th of the month, etc. It's very pretty but useless unless you can budget from the 1st until the last day of the month.

I've been looking for something that does all those things you just mentioned. Can you recommend a good one?

I like Mint the best as well. Except, my accounts look absolutely nothing like those ones in the picture... Can I have some of your money?!?!?

We use Mint for our personal finances but the app we go to the most is iAllowance for keeping track of all the finances and chores for our kids. This is a segment of the family finance market that doesn't get much attention but it's a must have for parents.

Mint is good for consolidating bank & investment statements into 1 place & it does allow modification of bank data so that it makes sense & uses real words, even create splits & it remembers what you change as rules so that similar transactions in the future do not require adjusting . It doesn’t handle budgeting all that well, doesn’t offer forecasting, lacks any investment insight, no bill pay, etc. Of the many annoying deficiencies is that the standard transaction categories cannot be deleted or hidden, this can create confusion if you’ve created similar custom categories. Also, Mint’s business model is to sell you financial products. Quite simply, the advice Mint offers is not like that of a personal money manager, it’s generic & designed to sell anything to make Intuit money. Personally, I prefer to pay for the software & for better features & less advertising
Cheers !

You forgot iBank. Syncs seamlessly to the Mac version. LONGTIME Microsoft Money user - haven't looked back.

nice application. it is like i have my own financial toolbar like money-bar on my phone. this truly can make my life easier.

I loved Mint when I first tried it, however, after about 2-3 sync cycles with my financial institution it just stopped updating. When I reported this to customer service, I got a prompt automated response, stating my bank was not allowing them to aggregate my financial information. Seemed fishy to me because I was able to sync my information several times. I have read other blogs and apparently I am not the only one experiencing this particular problem. So frustrating, as I found it saved me a great deal of time; no manual expense tracking. Any suggestions for a similar personal finance app, amigos? I want expense tracking and budget pay down help like YNAB. I know I'm asking for a lot. ;-) Gracias!

I am looking for an app that functions like the BudgetMap paper system. Is anything close to that available?

i think that Budget Protector is the only app for me
the good thing about it is that Rather seeing how much we spend and then saving the rest, we’re determining how much we need to save, and then spending the rest

MINT ~finance app~ is wonderful! got my husband involved in our finances and budgeting the first day! We both LoVe it! :-)

any way for mint to "learn" where you'd like to categorize a transaction? Currently, I have to load up the app, wait, see my money go down, then search through the categories until i find the one with a transaction in the wrong spot, then re-categorize it... my OTHER budget app only requires i input each transaction and price manually, at least i don't have to go digging first :/ any tips? the app seems to have very limited settings from what I see.
Thanks in advance!

on the main site you can categorize your transactions--sort of. they won't let you delete their premade categories and there are all kinds of bugs. the only really positive feature of mint is that it automatically downloads transactions from your bank--a must have in my opinion. would have been nice if these simplistic reviews even touched on that topic.

I like using Talk Penny Stocks. Its got a live chat that lets me talk with other investors any time I want. They just released an light version to which still has the chat and the tools but only costs .99 cents.

I like using Talk Penny Stocks. Its got a live chat that lets me talk with other investors any time I want. They just released an light version to which still has the chat and the tools but only costs .99 cents.

I like using Talk Penny Stocks. Its got a live chat that lets me talk with other investors any time I want. They just released an light version to which still has the chat and the tools but only costs .99 cents.

I think aFinance Budget is a good one as well, pretty simple and easy, yet powerfull.
Sync with other device over google docs does a good job for me.

Smart App for keeping up with Finance & Markets.
I keep this App on my iPad dock all the time. Let’s me keep up with the markets with news and articles anytime.
This App saves me from having to make and update Twitter Lists of interesting people like traders, analysts, hedgies to follow
It pulls interesting content articles from lists they make of publications, journalists, institutions and opinion leaders who publish on Twitter.
This App uses some kind of algorithm to review people publishing content online selecting interesting articles, videos and audio content and filtering out items considered less interesting.
The lists of people followed and filtered is actively managed and look to improvements to the App are pushed through routine App updates.
The App's user interface is well designed and makes it easy to read deal news, articles and view videos on the iPad, simple and efficient.
You can share or store content you like with Twitter, Facebook and Instapaper.
The App continuously monitors and adjusts online source lists to include new analysts and publications as well as opinion leaders of note.
This is one of the best stock market Apps on the iTunes Store. All their Apps are on

finance App: Smart App for keeping up with Finance & Markets
finance continuously scans custom-created lists of news sources, individual news entities, analysts, and opinion leaders publishing on Twitter and displays Articles, Research, Breaking News and other content in a user-friendly way. It pulls interesting content articles from lists they make of publications, journalists, institutions and opinion leaders who publish on Twitter. This is one of the best stock market Apps on the iTunes Store. All their Apps are on

Hi everyone, thank you Andrew very much for featuring Budget Planner on your home page. We just wanted to let everyone know that we are working on the android and web version and it should be out February 2012. Thanks again for your support.

All I want is an app that acts like an on-line checkbook register. My husband and have access to 3 checking accounts and I want to be able to look at my phone and know how much money is in each account.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I am in the same boat. Is there no other app besides Mint that pushes directly from your bank accounts? The following is what I would like, please people, let me know if there is anything that comes close:

  • automatically pushes and uploads transactions that happen from my bank accounts, online bill carriers, etc. in real time
  • I can customize the dates of when I would like my budget to begin and end
  • can sync my bills and their due dates into my budget; giving me a recommendation of when to pay them would be great but still allowing me to customize as I need to
  • logins from multiple devices so that significant other can view, change and interact with the same budgets
  • these features and more all available on mobile, tablet devices and online

I use Balance because of the simplicity, but I am willing to change if anyone knows of an app that will allow me to copy transactions from one account to another.

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I've recently come across TracknSave. I was pleasantly surprised by the incredible functionality tbh, especially the OCR bit. By far, one of the best expense trackers I've used.

You can start the Core Services in the Sysstem Preferences too, head on this way: Apple menu >> System Preferences >> Users & Groups >> authenticate as an administrator >> click Login Options >> click "Edit..." or "Join..." at the bottom right >> click "Open Directory Utility..." >> click the lock >> enter administrator name and password >> choose Enable Root User from the Edit menu >> enter the root password you wish to use and you're done

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Does anyone have a app suggestion for me? I have bank accounts in Germany, China & New Zealand. I currently track them all manually and would like an app that can bring them altogether and that i can acess across iphone, ipad over cloud. Am i asking too much?

Do you need to take the MLS listings or can you sign up for only the syndication part? What setup is required? A subscription to dsIDXpress I would guess... Anything else?

Impok is a financial social network. We launched the best application to track the financial markets and your investments’ portfolio, returns, risks, and asset allocation. Also, it allows you to share your portfolio, strategies, tips and trades with other investors in a transparent way and learn from the best. I hope you like it.

If you are going to review apps that will only work with American currency and or on the case of mint American or Canadian bank accounts and american and Canadian user countries say something at te beginning of the review to prevent people wasting their time with recommendations that ate utterly useless to the rest of the world.

Hey Stephen,
Checkout the app "budge it". It is a free app that let's you manage your finances without neither logging your expenses nor linking your credit cards(who doesn't hate that!) and it supports all currencies too. Super smart planner!

These apps are great. But has anyone heard of BillGuard? It's the best iOS app out there for credit card monitoring. It turns your statements into a "smart inbox" so that you can quickly review your charges with swipes. If you're looking for a smart, new finance tracking app, then check out BillGuard on the App Store.

just discovered a brand new app called Daily Budget Calculator. WOW is it simple. With so many free options, I was skeptical about paying $1 for it, but now I use it every day. No bells and whistles, just what you need! Highly recommended...

Is there anything out there that allows a family to log in to a shared account so everyone can put in his/her input? I cannot find ANYTHING out there like this. HELP!

Chirstina posted a question two months ago and no one has an answer i guess, but what she is asking for is exactly what i need.
Is there anything out there that allows a family to log in to a shared account so everyone can put in his/her input? I cannot find ANYTHING out there like this. HELP!

Hi Warren,

I actually have since found something called "You Need a Budget" or "YNAB" that I've found to be pretty awesome. It offers a free trial (30 days) so you can test it out. Unfortunately, it costs $60 to purchase, but we went ahead and got it after trying it because it was just what we were looking for. It comes with a desktop component that you install first, then you download the app onto any mobile device for whoever you'd like to be able to contribute to the money tracking. We put in our paycheck on Friday, then my husband and I can each put in our own expenses throughout the week and it syncs back and forth so I can see his purchases along with the updated total after, and he can see the same after I purchase something. It's just what we needed! I found it to be worth the $60.

I've tried a few apps but I love the app called "budge it". It is a free app that let's you manage your finances without neither logging your expenses nor linking your credit cards(who doesn't hate that!). It also estimates your expenditure and helps you set and achieve saving and purchase goals. Super smart planner!