Tumblr ups its security game with two-step authentication


Regular Tumblr users will be happy to hear that the service has now added two-step authentication to keep your accounts more secure. Wherever its available we'd always recommend using two-step authentication for that added layer of protection on your accounts.

Tumblr's can be turned on in your account settings, and ties your login to your cell phone number – using SMS messages – and lets you make use of an app such as Google Authenticator to generate the unique login codes. The folks at TechCrunch reported a little jankyness getting set up, but persevere and everything should work out just fine in the end.

If you're a Tumblr user, fire up your account and take a look. Is this something you've been longing for?

via TechCrunch

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Tumblr ups its security game with two-step authentication


Ugh I hate how you guys use internal tags on external site names ... wouldn't it be nicer to be swept away to the 2-factor page on Tumblr when clicking "Tumblr" in your text rather than going to your landing page where you talk about Tumblr? SEO is good for you but not for us.