Tweetings for iPhone - App Review and Giveaway!

Tweetings for iPhone is a full featured Twitter client complete with push notifications.  Last week we looked at the iPad version of Tweetings, so this week we'll look at the iPhone version.  In many ways, it's very similar.  The layout is extremely similar and it also offers things such as push notifications.  The iPhone version also adds themes into the mix as well.

It's definitely a worthy contender against the big guys like Twitter for iPhone (formerly Tweetie) and Twitteriffic.  Read on for screens, a feature run down, and how you can win a copy of Tweetings for iPhone from TiPb!

Much like the iPad version of Tweetings, the iPhone version includes features such as list support, combined direct messages, support for iOS4, push notifications, now playing support, and FaceBook integration. It also adds themes into the mix. There are a total of seven themes to choose from. They are silver, carbon (dark), plain, speech bubbles (glossy), speech bubbles (matte), shadows, and shadows evolved. I'm a fan of shadows evolved as it's simple but clean. It adds subtle gradients. Themes are, of course, a matter of personal preference. I'm a fan of simple and clean. I've never been a fan of the themes within Twittelator Pro as they seem to always be overdone. Even making my own, I can never get something quite "simple" enough for my liking. It may just be the layout that doesn't do it for me. I just want to be able to access what I need, when I need it without having to search or dig through menus.

For those of you who didn't read my iPad review, Tweetings has built-in push notifications. I tested this against Boxcar and the results were pretty good. At some points Boxcar would chime in a little ahead and vice versa with Tweetings sometimes pushing to me quicker. My conclusion was that it probably just depended on how loaded the servers were. They were pretty much neck and neck.

You also have support for services like Instapaper, you can configure them right from within your settings. Your settings panel can be accessed either within app or through your general iPhone settings.

Viewing user's profiles within Tweetings is simple enough and allows you options like follow and unfollow as well as showing you their bio and their location (if they've chosen to share this).

Another feature I like about Tweetings is combined timelines, which allows you to view a conversation between any 2 people you choose. If someone tags you in a tweet and you aren't sure why, you can always use the combined timeline feature to figure out where you came into the conversation.

Overall, Tweetings for iPhone is an incredibly decent Twitter client with an awesome developer that completely backs their work. You can always contact the developer with questions or concerns via Twitter via the handle @Tweetingsapp.


  • Built in push notifications
  • Great developer support
  • Frequent updates
  • Good theme selection
  • Pull down to refresh


  • Sometimes a little laggy when scrolling (most of these seemed to be fixed in the last update, only when scrolling rather quickly does this happen)
  • Some clients out there are just as good for a bit cheaper, if Boxcar hadn't of went free, Tweetings would be ahead due to native push
  • Sometimes crashes after changing a theme or using the nearby feature, hopefully this will be fixed in an update

Overall, I think the iPad version is a bit more polished and stable, so hopefully the iPhone version will receive the same polish in a coming update.  The developer is very supportive and seems to update often.  If you're looking for a good Twitter client (or you're like me and are completely shallow about Twitter clients), give it a shot (but first enter our giveaway to see if you can get your hands on one courtesy of TiPb and Tweetings!).  If you do, or already have it, let us know in the comments.

TiPb iPhone 4-star rated


Alright, last week we gave away 5 Tweetings for iPad promo codes and this week we're giving away 5 Tweetings for iPhone codes! How do you go about getting your hands on one you ask? Just leave a comment. Yep, that's it. It can be why you want a copy of Tweetings or what Twitter client you're currently using, anything you want really, or just to say hi! Just make sure you use a valid e-mail address you check when leaving your comment. Next week we'll pick 5 of you randomly to receive Tweetings code. And keep in mind, this week's codes are for the iPhone version only, not iPad. Good luck and happy tweeting!

[US iTunes App Store account required to redeem Promo Codes -- Apple's rule, not TiPb's -- and they expire so if you get one, use it quickly!]

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Reader comments

Tweetings for iPhone - App Review and Giveaway!


I'm always eager to try out new Twitter clients to see if they can unseat SimplyTweet and the official Twitter app from my device.

Hi! I use the official tweeter app for iPhone but no notification! :( I really want this app for the notifications and I see that is much more good looking! Please send me a promo code :)

Sounds like it could be the best Twitter app on the phone....def would love to win a copy to try it out!!!

Well I just want it because it looks and sounds as good as the official Twitter app and has push notifications!

I use tweetdeck n would love a twitter app with push to receive all my notifications faster!! I spend alot of time on my iPhone 4!

currently using the official twitter app, this one looks better because of the push notifications... would be cool to check it out.

Where to start:
I've tried so many twitter apps since 2008 that either ones good or the one that's bad has the features I want.
I used twitteriffic, echofon, twitbird, twittelator etc and can't find a happy tweetdecks outdated.
I'd like to try this tweetings to see what it has to offer.
Right now I'm using twitter and echofon and sick of using 2 darn apps.thanks

Already a tweetings user here, glad it's finally getting some coverage! This app really needs a 6-page review to go over all its features, but this is a start :]
Good luck people, enjoy tweetings!

I have used just about every Twitter client out there (currently using the official Twitter app) and would be stoked if I could try out this one. The interface looks slick and I love the idea of push notifications.

This looks like exactly what I've been looking for. I really like the push feature. Hope I win!!!

Currently use Twitter for iPhone but would love to try anything new and see if becomes my new favorite.

You didn't even mention the most important feature that all the free ones (and half the paid ones) lack... It marks which tweets you've already read...

For my needs, I'm currently using Twittelator (after so many tryouts with other clients). Surely enough, would like to try this one. Hi. Thanks. Hello Kitty. (like this?)

I want want a copy of Tweetings because it has theme selection, push notification and because it would be a great birthday present (July 12).

I would love to have a push Twitter app. I use Twitter alot. Plus I'd like to win because I never win anything.

I'd love to have a client with native push. Boxcar can be unreliable for me at times. The combined timelines is a pretty sweet feature as well.

I want to try a new twitter account. do i need a new one? no. does anyone need a new one? no. i just want it cause its free and i like free stuff. Do i use twitter? yes! are new twitter apps fun? of course! but this one does look pretty sweet!

I had been using Tweetie 1 for the longest time, I even bought Tweetie 2 but just kept going back to Tweetie 1. I've recently made the switch to Twitter for iPhone and would love to see if Tweetings stacks up.

I would love to use Tweetings. I was a twitterific user all this time, but no updates for us premium users. LAME. I'm using the regular twitter app now. Tweetings with push notifications would be awesome!

I am a new tweeter and Tweetings sounds like an app that would make checking tweets on my iPod easy.

Since the Twitter for iPhone transition I have found the app to be slow, and riddled with issues. I would be more than happy having a go at another Twitter app, this one seems like it could take over. As I have tried a few others but have not been satisfied with the selection...

I am getting the White iPhone 4 next month, and my previous experience with Twitter on my mobile device was Gravity for Symbian, which I helped beta test initially, and its becomes should a great all in one app, its far more than just a twitter app.
Im now looking for something as good feature wise for my new upcoming iPhone, so I would be interested in getting my hands on one of these promo codes.

I've been searching for the perfect Twitter app. This might be it!! I've been using twitbit lately. But this is intriguing.

Seems to rip off practically the whole interface from Twitter for iPhone, which is not a bad thing, but they really need to work on that polish. Pulldown refresh jerks about, and the lag you spoke about can be annoying.

I've been using the official twitter app for iPhone ever side it was tweetie 2(replacing Twitbird Pro). Always loved the UI but now it's just getting boring and it hardly gets updates. So I got Seesmic but that wasn't enough(though has potential). I'm deciding getting this or twitbit but it'll be nice to win :)!

I've never tweeted until recently. It's good fun but could be so much better with a decent app. I've tried a couple of freebies but yet to find one I like. This could be it.

I'm using Twitter, (formerly Tweetie) for the iPhone. I'm always on the prowl for the latest and greatest. It looks like Tweetings might fit the bill.

I reeeeeaaaalllly would like this as I feel the free Twitter is Juuuust lacking in features that this one provides

I love the way I look in the review! Now I feel compelled to try Tweetings for myself. The big question will does it stack up next to Osfoora?

Tweetings for the iPad looks great. I would like to to please for your consideration for the iPhone edition.
This product looks like it covers ALL the bases quite nicely.
Thank you very much for your kind consideration.

I am impressed, and will seriously consider purchasing Tweetings. Have a couple of questions for you.
1) How does it compare with Twitelator Pro?
2) Does it give you the ability to enable or disable notification of tweets from specific users? I want to receive notifications when tweets are posted by close friends and not from everyone.
(Ok, I am brand new to the Twitter world, and my ignorance is probably showing big time here! hehehe)
3) Do you know of any GOOD (video or other) tutorials that provide a good introduction to Twitter? I found quite a few on YouTube, but...

What is this twitter you speak of??? I would like to try the tweetings for this twitter you mentioned...

I'd would really like to try that one. The main reason I would switch from Twitter for iPhone is Push Notification.

sooo... for twitter on my phone i use tweetie for checking in on individual followers timelines and to see when i have new followers and tweet deck to read and favorite updates. Each one is good for one tast...... I need something that is all in one :) thanks in advance! hahahaha.

I'd love a code for this. I have been using Twitter for the iPhone and now Osfoora but love the push notification promises that Tweetings holds. I actually got a promo code for Tweetings off of Twitter, but in my haste didn't realize it was for the iPad, and alas, I don't own an iPad. Thank you TiPb for the opportunity.

Currently using TwitBird Pro, but always open to trying new Twitter clients. Thanks for the opportunity!

I am currently using Twitterific for the iPhone. I just got an iPhone 4 and I am trying to decide what new Twitter client I should use, if any. I would love to try Tweetings out. Push without having to use Boxcar is definitely a plus!

i would love to get a free code!!!...tweetdeck is iffy and lacks critical functionality as you page into several things, twitter for iphone is lacking...this sounds nice.

I've been swapping back and forth between SimplyTweet 3 and Icebird, with SimplyTweet being a bit ahead in the running. This looks like quite the worthy contender though, and I'd love a chance to try it for free.

Love tweetings for chrome, and would definitely love to get ahold of a copy for the iPhone. The push puts it a slight step ahead of others in my mind, so it would be a nice addition to my phone.

I have tried and rated just about every twitter app there is. I would love to give this one a try to see if this could be my new main twitter app!!

Awesome review! I've been trying to find a good Twitter app, and still haven't settled on one, would love to give this one a try! Looks perfect :)

Finding a Twitter client is like buying a car-you've got to find the right features for YOU. Tweetings has a lot of major points in the plus column.

Alright guys, here's the winners of the promo codes, so if you see your name, check for an e-mail from me containing your code, if you don't get one and your name is listed, e-mail me at - make sure to check your spam folder too!
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Congrats guys!!

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