Unreal development kit coming to iOS

Epic Citadel demo for iPhone

Unreal development kit (UDK) is coming to iOS according to an announcement made by Epic Games at the Korean Games Conference.

What this means is that any iOS developer can download the free UDK and potentially start making worlds as breathtaking as Epic Citadel for iPhone and iPad. Once they've gotten accomplished at it, it sounds like it's a short jump -- and business decision -- to becoming an Unreal Engine 3 licensee and exploding across our iOS devices.

Jobs of War, Cupertino Vice, what Unreal Engine games would you like to see?


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Reader comments

Unreal development kit coming to iOS


As breathtaking as this engine is, the cost of licensing will be past on from the developer to the consumer. I most certainly wouldn't expect to see any .99 - $4.99 apps utilizing the Unreal Engine. The prices will be much higher.

@CJ: From Wikipedia: "According to the current EULA, game makers can sell their games by paying Epic the cost of $99 USD at the outset, and 25% of all revenue above $5000 USD."
Not too expensive to license. I think it's more likely that smaller games companies will be happy to use this (faster prototyping, far less 'code' work and more 'creative' work), while larger ones (which already have in house dev tools, etc) will be less inclined to do so.

I for one would love to see a Steve Jobs, Secret Ninja game on this platform. I hear that they have a way of making Ninja Stars in flight look real-er than real.

Oh yeah. Can't wait to get my grubby little mitts on this kit lolthinking up plot lines

I think it was you guys who mentioned it, but a Hogwart's castle scenario would be great when the next movie comes out, even if it was just a tour.

@Tweger01 Because it is no longer news. tipb previously published the news about Epic Citadel. If they just went to the developers website, we wouldn't have these posts a few weeks apart.