Upgrading to iPhone 4? Here's what you need to know


According to a mass of Apple emails, iPhone 4 delivery trucks will be out a day early (or a couple days early if yesterday was any indication!). Are you waiting at home or at work for your shiny new iPhone 4 to arrive? Let us know your delivery status in the comments -- from at the hub to on the truck to in your hands! (And yeah, when you get it, run -- don't walk -- to the iPhone Forum. and post your pics!)

Meanwhile, here's how to get ready while you wait:

Make sure you're running iTunes 9.2

You need iTunes 9.2 in order to activate iPhone 4). Apple released it last Wednesday so, if you haven't gotten it already, hit Software Update and download the latest, or get it directly from Apple. [iTunes 9.2].

Update your apps

iPhone 4 has that gorgeous Retina Display, so you'll want to make sure you've got the updated apps to show it off! Also, one of iOS 4's biggest new features is multitasking, especially saved state (so your apps restart where you left them), and background audio, location, and VoIP (so you can listen to streaming music, get turn-by-turn directions, and answer internet phone calls even when not in the apps). However, developers have to update their apps for iOS 4 compatibility. That means new versions will be showing up in iTunes on the desktop or App Store on your iPhone/iPod touch, and that means you'll have to update to them.

Depending on how fast developers get the updates done, how fast Apple approves them, how many apps you have, and how big they are, this process could take a while. Might as well get started while you're waiting.

(We're keeping an eye out for major iOS 4 apps and compatibility updates so bookmark that link for future reference).

Backup your data

If you're moving from an older model iPhone, like the iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, or iPhone 3GS, or even an iPod touch, and you want to transfer over your settings and data, you'll need to back it up first. Once you have iTunes installed, plug in your old iPhone and/or iPod touch and sync it. Anything you've purchased or updated on-device will also be transferred safely to your Windows/Mac library, and the position of any media you're currently enjoying recorded so you can keep going from the same place once your iPhone 4 has been synced to the same computer and iTunes account. (It'll ask if you want to restore from backup).

Remember, if you haven't synced in a while it could take a few minutes to backup. Don't be impatient, let it run.

Also remember to launch iPhoto on your Mac or your favorite image capture program on Windows and copy over any photos you've taken on your old iPhone. Losing your Camera Roll, especially if it has a lot of special moments recorded, is something to be avoided at all costs.

Get up to speed on iOS 4

Once everything is done and ready, and if you're still waiting for your iPhone 4 to arrive, why not check out our complete iOS 4 walkthrough so once you're up and running you can spend your time enjoying the new functionality, not trying to discover it.

Jump into the forums and learn more

Did we mention how smart TiPb forum members are? If you have any lingering questions or need any additional help, or you just want to relax and chat with like-minded iOS enthusiasts and technology adepts, head on over to the iPhone Forum.

Best community on the 'net, check it out.

Anything else?

Did we forget anything or just plain get something wrong? Any tips or tricks you use before getting ready to rock your iPhone 4? Let us know in the comments and we'll update.

Have something to say about this story? Leave a comment! Need help with something else? Ask in our forums!

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Upgrading to iPhone 4? Here's what you need to know


I'm awaiting my iphone as it should be here today by 3pm CST
I can't wait I have everything backed up and ready to go!!

How does the activation work when you're upgrading? My 3G was activated by AT&T in store so I've not had to do this before.
My i4 should be arriving in 2 hours (woohoo!) and I was curious how the transfer of my number will happen since it will be arriving with a new (micro)SIM.
My productivity is not going to be good today... ;)

thanks to newark nj im probably not getting mine today. I received the email for shipment today from apple but fedex decided to hold package from 2 am yesterday to 3:30 am today.
Since im in CT maybe its still possible but oh well i guess.

@MrC - all you have to do is plug it in. The microsim will be I included inside the phone. If your contacts are backed up through an address book of some sort (Micrsoft Outlook...etc) you will be fine.

@Mark - of course you'll be able to activate today, just plug it in and iTunes will do the rest. How do you think all the people yesterday got to use their new iPhone 4's. Unless a ton of people are getting today and it slows down servers you should have any problems.
Remember the first iPhone was like this, you paid full price for the phone, walked out the door and once you got home you activate it and you were done.

Doubt I'll get mine today. I received the email from Apple yesterday stating it would be here today but FedEx still shows it at a sort facility 3 hours away.

So even though I got the email saying I’d get it on the 23rd, it doesn’t look like I’m going to.
Tracking number shows that it is in the Erlanger, KY facility (which is only like a 1/2 hour away from me!) but that’s where its been since yesterday at 5:55pm. If it was going to be delivered today I would think it would already be on the delivery truck – they usually roll out between 7 & 8 am. Kind of sucks – wish Apple wouldn’t have even sent me the email getting my hopes up!
Talked to a FedEx rep yesterday that told me I would almost definitely get it today, but just talked to a different one today that said if my tracking number showed a delivery date of the 24th I’d get it on the 24th. I said what about the internet posts of people who had a FedEx screenshot showing that theirs was already delivered but still showed a delivery date of the 24th?!? He just said again if it shows the 24th, it’ll be the 24th. He was kind of a pr**k about it – guess they’re getting tired of calls about iphones!

@Andy -
Mine is at a Dest Sort Facility too, since 5:55pm yesterday. Not looking good for delivery today for mine according to a FedEx rep - good luck with yours.

@dan same here got the email but its been in newark nj since 2:45AM on june 22 and delivery still says june 24

Remember that in sorting facilities they too can send trucks out to deliver, just depends on the location. Don't expect for it, but don't be negative either.

Mine says its going to be delivered today but its 2 hours away according to the last update.
To all those saying all you have to do is plug it in and go to itunes, why did I get an email stating I have to call AT&T first?

Mines on route from Memphis to New England, and it's supposed to be delivered by 3:00. It sounds kinda tight, but Fedex still shows that it's on time, so I bet it will come.

My Fed Ex tracking showed a 6/23 delivery from day one. I also received a 6/23 confirmation from Apple. I'm skeptical though because as of 2:25 am PDT my iPhone was just leaving the Fed Ex facility in Oakland CA, I'm in the greater LA area. It hasn't turned up at my destination hub yet to be sorted to my truck. It's 6:00 am my time and I'm anticipating a delivery date change. We'll see! Hope not!

@Sean - If that is the direction you were given, than try that first, but honestly....all you have to do is plug it in. If you haven't had an iPhone before than you would probably need to contact them to set up a data plan or give them some numbers from the phone. But all they do at the Apple stores is plug it into iTunes to activate it.

Mine sat in Newark from 2:30AM yesterday to 8:30PM last night and hasn't had a status update since it left for the local facility (which is only a one hour trip). I had gotten email saying it would arrive today, but I'm feeling less optimistic with no word from FedEx. It SHOULD be here though, given when it was where :).

@Dan my order says that it's been in Newark, NJ since yesterday afternoon...I live around there but I just checked and it still hasn't left the facility. I guess well be getting our phones tomorrow...

ya deathmetal,
mine left newark at 330 , usually hits windsor ct , which is a 2 hour drive. Hasnt even updated yet. Probably just holding it longer now so that it comes the 24th.

FedEx rep just told me to disregard the email from Apple (that said to disregard FedEx!), and that Apple instructed them to now continue with the original estimated delivery dates - from the 23rd to the 25th, so I'm under the impression I'll be getting mine tomorrow regardless of what any email from Apple said!
While not critical, that email yesterday from Apple was kinda like winning the lottery and then after celebrating, they tell you "Sorry, that 6 was a 9 - you didn't win."!

Also just got off the phone with a FedEx rep and she told me she has been getting calls about it the last two days and to totally disregard the email sent. Whatever the est. delivery time is will be the day you get it.
While the hell did apple get my hopes up :-(

Okay I just spoke to a fedex rep and he said that those orders that are in Newark there is a chance it may be delivered today the reason why it hasn't shown as departed facility in the fedex site because there was a mechanical delay in fort worth, tx so it may arrive either today or tomorrow. Let's see if it happens

mine sat in newark for 24hours it just left at 2:45 am this morning still say june 24. hasnt arrived at local fedex yet :(

June 15th : sat at computer for 10 hrs refreshing apple site to preorder
June 23rd : sitting at computer for 3 hours(so far) refreshing fedex site damn newark facility holding it for 24 hrs

I'm in Orlando, and my iPhone has been at the dest sort facility here in Orlando since 7:51PM yesterday. What worries me is that normally when I'm expecting a FedEx package, it's out for delivery soon after 8:00 and it's 9:39 right now. =(

The next 2 days will be days of confusion for everyone. I got the email from Apple stating delivery for today, but my FedEx status says "estimated delivery of June 24". My iphone has been "At destination sort facility" since 12:45am.
I am lucky I work at home unlike those who had to take a day off to be home for FedEx or UPS.

i should be getting it today by 10:30 ET. check the fedex site and its already in NY so i should be getting it soon cant wait

Woot, my i4 just arrived and is activated :)
Got here in southwest Florida at 9:30am despite not leaving Alaska until 3pm yesterday and making a stopover at two Fedex sorting places in between.

Fed Ex just delivered my phone at 9:30. It was schedule to be delivered by 10:30 today. Happy and syncing right now.

According to my delivery date, I am supposed to get mine before 10:30am CST (it is now 8:42). The last update was "Departed FedEx location in Memphis, TN at 4:28am." However, it is still listed as "on time".
My wifes is still listed as a 6/24 delivery date, even though it is a day ahead (travel time) of mine. It arrived in our sorting station this morning at 3:42am.

Okay everyone, FedEx online tracking may be a little slow.
I literally just got mine five minutes ago. Both of them.

Has anyones who departed fedex location in newark nj been updated to their local facility?
mine left newark at 2:45 am

I just called FedEx and even though the status page still says Delivery by June 24 and last online update said "at destination sort facility" the customer rep was able to tell me that it's "on the vehicle for delivery". I was so excited. I said thank you and hung up. lol

Jake, no the FedEx page for me still says that its at the sort facility, and it has been there since 6am. Just to let everyone know activation is smooth and easy!!

What did you ask the rep to get him/her to tell you that? I'd like to ask the same thing if I call again cuz the rep I talked to this morning wasn't very helpful and basically just told me what was on the tracking webpage that I already have!

Mine is on the delivery truck! got to the hub around 2 am and is on its way :) the delivery date says 6/23... I pre-ordered from an AT&T store and never got an email from apple saying it would be here early but I guess AT&T sent them early too :)

Thanks for responding to Jake's question, Colin. Hopefully that is my situation, since mine is still at my local sort facility. The fact that the potential for not getting mine today made me nervous just goes to show how much of a nerd I can be sometimes lol.

So you have yours and it still says it's at the sort facility and doesn't show it out for delivery or anything like that?!?
Jeez, I don't know what to think at this point!!! :-p

From Hong Kong, to Alaska, to Indianapolis to Chicago.....
as of 3:50am it was in Chicago at "At final dest sort facility" its now almost 9:15am and it doesn't say on vehicle for delivery ::bites fingers and taps feet::
I got the email saying I will have it today so we will see if it holds true....

Mine says it's been sitting in Newark, NJ since yesterday morning at 2:38am... It's on it's way to Manhattan, which isn't that far away.
Last update was last night at 10:11pm, which was "Departed FedEx location"... That was 12 hours ago, Newark's less than 30 minutes away!
And so I refresh, refresh, refresh.....

FedEx shows my 2 phones delivering today by 10:30am, even though mine shows as departed Memphis TN at 3:45 AM (to Northern NJ). Still shows that status, so I called and spoke to FedEx REP who said "there was a delay in Memphis, you won't be getting it until tomorrow (24th)". BOGUS! So I took day off for naught.
To make matters worse, I wanted to confirm with the REP that the driver would honor the FedEx Signature Release Authorization which Apple linked to, since I cannot stay home another day. She gave me some BS that they won't accept that. Hoping she was just an airhead without a clue...

I got lucky. The person was very polite. I asked him if the status reported on fedex.com was different from what he had in his systems. He put me on hold and gave me the latest status.
I have read on other forums (discussions.apple.com) that folks are calling FedEx and asking to be transferred to the IPD Department from customer service.

My tracking info was not updated at of about 3:00 this morning. One was listed as just having left Memphis, the other was listed as being in the sorting facility.
I have had the phones for about half and hour...and the tracking info still says that. So they are behind.

my fedex delivery date was 6/23 by 10:30am and the latest scan is that it's at the destination sort facility as of 5am Central (my time zone). fedex just got here about 5 minutes ago and scans still haven't changed. the fedex driver told me they were delivering 350k of these today. now time to actually open the box!! :)

In my opinion, nothing good comes out of Newark... Then I saw that my i4 was there (yes, I was refreshing fedex on my current phone, while I was driving) as I passed Newark on 95 and thought, "don't be so hard on Newark, it's just a small town... where your iphone is" (what a loser, I also thought)
But now, 12 hours later, it's still in Newark... And I now know that there's nothing good that came out of Newark.
Come home, iPhone 4... Daddy needs you.
(now thinking to myself, wow, you've really taken it to a new level of loserdom. mom?)

WOOHOO i just received and activated mine. This ipone is the BOMB!!!!! Needless to say i won the delivery race against my friend.

Supposed to be at AT&T today by 3pm. Does that also mean I can pick it up?? Cause that would be sweet!!!

Call the FedEx IPD (international department) at 800-455-4588 and give them your tracking number. Mine was originally scheduled to be delivered tomorrow but I received the email from Apple with a promise of today as the delivery date. FedEx International confirmed it is on a van for delivery right now even though the site shows it to be still in transit. Hope this helps.

I am having a couple of similar delivery races with friends scattered across the US. LOL

UPDATE: I was less bothered by last FedEx REP telling me that I need to wait until tomorrow (such is life), but was furious being told the signature release won't be honored. So I called back again to get another REP to confirm this. Good thing I did! This rep (likely 20+ years older than first REP) was very considerate and put me on hold for 5 mins as she researched.
She confirmed that there's major backlog in the systems. There where some delayed flights at various hubs, but didn't leave it at that. She called the location where it was to be delivered from to confirm - they confirmed my packages are on truck for delivery! So now I wait again.
Bottom line - FedEx systems are having an AT&T moment... If your lucky, your phone is on a truck and not sitting in an airport somewhere...

@phrint...agreed....i received the email from apple stating delivery for the 23rd but the Fedex site says delivery for the 24th and the package left Memphis, TN @3:45 this am....called the IPD # and they informed me they confirmed it's on the van.....Apple ships specifically through the International dept. with FedEx, contacting them directly is the best source for for "fresh" updates....

For those with delivery dates set for today: If Fedex.com is not showing what you believe to be correct info on where your package is, don't worry too much. I just spoke with Fedex and a rep said their Fedex.com tracking system is not really working/updating right now. I am in Seattle with an estimated delivery of 1030am pst, but Fedex.com shows the package still in Oakland, CA. The rep advised me I will get the package this morning and it is out for delivery. Maybe this will help some of you breathe a little easier....

FEDEX shows my two at the destination sort site, still on schedule...FEDEX driver came to the building door with "phone boxes" looked at his clipboard turned around and left...he had someone's phones =-(

@Phrint... i just called and she said mines is out in the van for delivery =D im so excited im not leaving this damn house lol

THANK YOU for that phone number! Called it and talked to s SUPER nice rep that told me the box was on a truck out for delivery today so I feel a bit better now. She kind of chuckled and said that the fedex tracking system isn't always based in reality!

Guys, please list what city you are in when reporting you got your phone. It will give others like me something to imagin while waiting in ATLANTA

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh frickin AT&T, why O why did order through AT&T. Ordered at 1030AM EST on 6-15, and I'm still "In Progress" and have been along

Not sure how to pick your nose while you wait for your phone to arrive? Here's a step-by-step guide on the Apple-approved nose-picking technique, only to be used while waiting for your iPhone.
These articles are really getting stupid.

Mine left Oakland 20 hours ago...and just disappeared. They must be getting it to San Diego by carrier pigeon.

I just recieved my phone!! Per their website, Fed Ex had it sitting in Fort Worth (I'm right next door in Dallas). So no worries about the Fed Ex status...it's not up to date :-)

Good call on calling FEDEX IPD. The guy wanted to know how I got his number, because it's a domestic delivery, but he picked up the phone right away and told me my package is on the truck. I told him I got the number from this blog, and he said yup, we've had a major increase in call volume today.

I live in Fayetteville, AR and mine says that it is "in transit" from Fort Worth, TX. I have an estimated delivery date of June 23rd. I called and they said that they are getting TONS of calls from iPhone customers confused about the tracking website. She said that they are SO overloaded and that there are countless numbers of deliveries today. Mine should be here by 3pm today! I am waiting, patiently!
Be patient too, guys! Don't bite all your nails off!

mi father told me the iPhone just arrived. I'm working right now, going home at 5 PM EDT to meet my new toy.

@HungWell wait, he sold it to me on Craigslist, I'm on my way to the local park to pick it up!

FYI to all those people are just planning on walking into an apple store and buying a phone, you will have to wait until 10am... Reservation will be at 7am.

So when i pick up my iphone tomorrow would it get activated in store judt like my 3gs or do i have to drive back home to sync to my pc?? Thank u..

Although I got the email from Apple saying I will receive my iphone today 6/23, according to FedEx tracking it is still at the sort facility in Dulles VA. I spoke with Apple asking about the email and what it states and he told me that it would be delivered today. I don't know how he knows for sure, but he seemed to be quite arrogant about it. I told him that it has been in Dulles since 5:24AM and in my experience it will not be delivered today, he then hung up on me. Oh well, I guess when Apple sends out the customer survey asking about my experience with CS, I will give bad marks.

Philly here... got my phone about 20 minutes ago. It was a pleasant surprise to see it sitting on my chair at work since the FedEx site said "At destination sort facility." I didn't think I would get it today. I can't wait to get home and activate it.

My mail in iOS 4 is horrible every time I get new mail it says I have none but when I scroll down to the bottom it shows the blue dot and then it says the message has no content or sender and the date is 12/31/69 is anyone else having this problem.?

Thank you for that you are right the ips department told me its on the truck. everybody call 18004554588 there system is up to date

I'm still waiting for mine. I guess fedex has some problems at sorting facility. I'm waiting and waiting I cant take this any more. I guess I will go and find a fedex guy. LOL

@Martin, I live in Manassas VA. So we have the same sorting facility. and ordered mine VIA ATT.com
Let me know if you get yours. I have not received mine yet. :X

I called the FedEx IPD # listed by phrint and sure enough, the packages are on a delivery van out for delivery (website still showed enroute from Memphis to Houston). I was amazed at not only the FedEx IPD answering the phone on the first ring, but also by how friendly and helpful they were. That was a lot nicer than "Press 1 for this, Press 2 for that" nonsense! Thanks for the heads up phrint! :)

FedEx website shows my package is at a sort facility, but at 8004554588, they told me its on a van and out for delivery! I can't wait!

Mine was delivered about a hour ago .. When i tracked my package it showed that it was at the DEST center so it didnt think i would get it today ... Fed ex tracking system has not been updated ( mine still shows its at the DEST center )..
Heres a link from the TIPB fourms about peeps that have had thiers delivered . some even though when the track thier package it says at Destination center .. http://forum.tipb.com/iphone-forum/192306-i-just-got-my-phone-thread-6-2...

I just got mine!!!! I live in sothern CT. I got the email from Apple say it would today, but didn't think I was going to. I tracked it today and it said it departed Newark, NJ at 4:00AM today after it arrived there at 2:38AM yesterday. I called FedEx IPD and they said it was on a truck, but it still had a dilevery date of tomorrow.

FedEx tracking is definitely behind. Mine finally updated and showed it had been at my local facility for hours. Still not showing that it's on the truck for delivery. Hoping that's behind too. It's unfortunate for people taking the day off work in order to receive it, not knowing if FedEx will get it there or delay until tomorrow. I just wish it were coming UPS.

Mechanicville, NY -- estimated delivery is today 6/23. Status shows at local sorting facility. Unsure if I will get it today or not!

Can anyone who received theirs today that ordered it via at&t let me know if you had to sign for it? Mine is scheduled to come early as well and no one will be home!

FedEx site showed mine was still at sorting facility but I asked security what time does FedEX showp up and they said they already came and gone. So I poked my head in the receiving office and voila it was there. So FedEx system is not updating correctly. ;)

Does anyone know if FedEx will leave the phone if nobody is home? My wife is home for the summer and I asked if she'd be home the next two days. Of course she said yes. I called home this morning, no answer. Called her cell, she was out shopping. Won't be happy if there is a FedEx card saying they tried to deliver today but nobody was home.

Got mine at 11:50 even though the site says it is in the sort facility at Jamaica, NY. Driver told me if no one is home, they will only honor the Apple Store FedEx release form.

Just went home (im in Manhattan) and it still has not been delivered... status still says it left Newark at 10pm last night.
WTF! I could have driven back and forth 17 times between now and 10pm last night!
Back to work... iPhone-4-less. F!

Mine says at Dest Facility but called FEDEX and they put a call into the destination facility. The dest facility called me and said it out for delivery.

Just got mine from FedEx and I'm in Virginia. Guy told me that the facility he works out of had 8 for delivery today & the rest will be delivered tomorrow. He said they are really taking a hit on the iPhones.

Got it! FED EX tracking still says its at the sort facility in KY but I am currently activating it. (Im in Cincinnati area) Don't believe the fed ex site!

I'm in Pittsburgh and FedEx says it is still in the sorting facility and being delivered tomorrow and the FedEx guy just dropped off my phone. Good luck guys.

Anyone in San Diego get their I4 yet? Fedex shows it sitting in Texas as of early this morning. WTF!!

Anony is right. From FedEx... Tracking Update Link
"Tracking Update for Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Package deliveries are proceeding as normal, however tracking updates are temporarily being delayed. Please try back later."
You know FedEx is pulling their hair out having to put up with our iPhone loving craziness. ;0) Mine should be here in less than an hour! Woo hoo!

Sorry I don't have another where is my iPhone 4 comment (IPD said it was on a truck out for delivery at 9:03 am).
I may be an iPhone Geek but I created a list of Folders I plan on creating and which apps will go into these folders. This way when my iPhone 4 comes I will already know where I want apps to go for Folders. I'm looking forward to organizing my apps and moving away from the the 11 pages I have currently.
Just an idea why we all wait.
Oh, I should add do work is also what I should be doing today as well. :)

Activation took all of about 30 seconds, but restoring from my 3GS is taking forever! Hoping my laptop battery lasts long enough cuz I left the charger at home today.

i was about to track my Iphone, i was entering the information, and then a Fed Ex person dropped a package against my door and rang the bell. opened my door and there it was! so excited that i havent even opened it up yet...i just keep looking at the box and smiling.

Just received mine. I live in Mason, Ohio and my 'dest sort facility' is ERLANGER, KY. The FedEx tracking web site is having problems updating and has this message now: " IMPORTANT!
Package deliveries are proceeding as normal; however tracking updates are temporarily being delayed. Please try back later."
So folks, be patient, if you not received your yet, I'm sure it is on its way!

I had my iPhone shipped to AT&T store and received email from UPS stating it has been delivered. AT&T left a voicemail that the phone is at the store and can be picked up startin tomorrow at 7am.
Anybody else in a similar story? I'm wondering if I can go to the store now and get them to activate for me!

I am a bit worried. Fed ex just updated, says it is out for delivery in Demoines Iowa. Trouble is I live in central Pennsylvannia!

@DaJe My iPhone just did that too. The new e-mails were at the bottom with the date 12/31/69. hopefully they fix that problem soon

FedEx told me that the truck signed to deliver it by 7PM today, but there are no guarantees, and that he has seen, on days this busy, delays up to about 11PM. So...anytime between now and 11PM.
(Mini-update, doorbell rang, FedEx man showed up right as I was typing "anytime")

Misiu Kolorowy says:
June 23, 2010 at 4:28 pm
@David Sorry but it’s funny lol
Misiu, it is not funny to me!

Hello, This is FedEx LaShelia. Package deliveries are as normal, however tracking updates are temporarily being delayed. I am more than happy to help with the tracking of your shipment. Please contact our friendly customer service agents at 1-800-463-3339 or email your tracking information to fedex-lashelia@fedex.com. If your shipment has already arrived, we would like to thank you for your buisness and hope that you enjoy the product that you have received.

Called the FedEx number. There was a labeling issue, been assured it will arrive Thursday. The rep was extremely helpful, FedEx is great.

I have a 3g and dont plan on upgrading till they upgrade the radios in the phone for new 4G service. Upgrading was a mistake for me. The OS is acting real buggy now almost like I dont have enough processing power or memory. Anyone know of a way to go back to IOS3.x ?