Verizon: Existing customers can order iPhone 4 starting Feb. 3 at 3am EST

Verizon: Existing customers can order iPhone 4 starting Feb. 3 at 3am EST

Verizon has updated their website and started sending out mailings confirming that existing customers can start ordering the Verizon iPhone on February 3, 2011 at 3am EST.

They've even got a handy timer right on the front of to help you countdown every last minute before you can order.

Now all we need is official postings on all the pricing plans and options and, of course, availability of VCast and other Verizon-spefici apps on the App Store...

Anyone waiting up late -- or getting up early -- to make sure you snag one?

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Verizon: Existing customers can order iPhone 4 starting Feb. 3 at 3am EST


Nothing to get Excited About. Please mind your language also. For latest on iPhone,iPod,iPad,Apple,Android and Jailbreak please visit www enews plus .com Thanks

Any word on if there's a way for a customer to "reserve" one in an actual store? I don't really want to order it online and have it shipped...

nope staying put with at&t, great service (no im not high) and i like being able to talk and surf the web or check email at the same time

I've been pretty happy with Verizon for years, and have waited a long time for the iPhone, so I hope to order early--unless I get stuck in a "Groundhog Day" kind of time loop on Tuesday.

Oops, I guess Groundhog Day will be Wednesday, won't it? (General calendar confusion could be my other problem.)

Alarm will be set for 2:50, will rollover wake up my laptop buy it, then go back to bed for a couple hours.

Not gonna preorder bc I refuse to give Verizon the extra $50. Ill just go to the apple store at like 7 pm like I did for the iPad first day

I'm glad to see the iPhone finally be released on Verizon. I have the iPhone on AT&T and I won't be getting the Verizon iPhone but, hopefully I will get my bandwith back now!!!

So we order on the 3rd will we get it before the 10? Can we preorder in a verizon store? I WANT THIS!!!! My storm is dying.

i will be up at 3:00 to order it . i havnt heard about there being an extra $50 for it per apple site upgrade at reg full price is $599 and $699 upgrade 199 and 299 so ill be up to order one cant wait to get it.

Glad the new iPhone 5 will be out in a few months. Funny Verizon releases a phone that everyone knows is going to be replaced in 4 months.

Soon my iPhone is gonna have step brothers and sisters, we'll be at the ball using voice and data at the same time while they'll be at home juggling chores one at a time :-(

Staying put with AT&T but I'm def glad Verizon will also get the phone. It works for all 3 parties. Verizon customers can enjoy what we have had since 07, and can also determine if their network is really "thy good".AT&T will find out if it's tru that the iPhone is the cause of the network issues and if so I won't be surprise customers jumping ship again and can have a justifiable argument in regards to network, apple wins because any iPhone sold means apple gets money regardless. Let the battle begin. Cheers away to all!!!

I got an email today notifying me about the preorder. But I don't want to pay full retail price for it.

Well, I won't be waiting up late or getting up early on purpose, but I have a teething 9-month-old. She wakes me up 2 or 3 times a night these days, so if I DO happen to be up at 3 I'll hop online and order one for myself and one for my husband.

So does anybody know when you would receive your iphone if pre-ordered on the 3rd? How long does the shipping take?

In the past, iPhones have been sent via FedEx 1-2 shipping two days before it's release. So my guess is on the 8th they'll be sent out for shipping and received on the 10th, maybe the 9th if you're lucky

I have contract with yours soooo I have a motodroid my ? Is: can I change it for the iPhone 4? Doesn't matter if I have to pay Moore money

on the verizon web site they are offering to buy back phone but its not that much. if you are still under contract you have to buy the iphone at full price 18gb $599 and 32gb $699 when i checked what they offer for the original droid it was like $58. you would be better off selling it on ebay you would get more for it.

I sold my Blackberry Storm 2 on Ebay...waiting to get the new iphone on the 3rd. I'm adding an extra I'll be able to get it at the $199 price. You might want to think about doing it if you aren't ready for an upgrade.