Verizon iPhone 4 FAQ posted

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Verizon iPhone 4 FAQ posted


It sucked! Verizon: "hey everyone, were starting to cell a phone that is almost a year old and it's going have have nothing different but CDMA chip, so you can't do voice/data at the sametime. yey!" Verizons first iPhone = FAIL

Fail? Ignorance must be bliss because even though the iPhone isn't lte it's got the users in mind. Apple is going to prematurely shot their wad on a hone that hasn't been full developed. What gets me is that all these people complain about the new phone it's taken this long to get anything. Simultaneous voice and data or not is phone is wonderful.

Nearly a year old... really I place it just over 6 months old. An I am not saying that other people don't use it but I can safely say I have never had to use data when on a call and if it was required it isn't hard to call someone back lol

Kris obviously you have never had a buddy call you for some quick directions while they are driving. If you turn your WiFi Hotspot on does that mean you cannot receive or make a phone call until you kick the 5 people that are using you Hotspot?

No, the users won't get kicked off.. it will probably be an ADHOC type of connection, much like the current Android wifi hotspots/tethering. The data connection will simply be paused for the call. Nobody is getting kicked off. Last time I checked though, without JB, you can't do anything of the sort on the AT&T version.
Why are so many current iPhone users on AT&T being so vicious towards this Verizon iPhone notion? Millions of Verizon smartphone users are currently very happy with their service, even without simultaneous voice/data, and last time I checked, thats pretty much the only difference between the iPhone4 on AT&T vs the Verizon version. Yes this model is 'old' but fortunately many people still use the 3G/3GS models too.. and they're still pretty well off except for some performance issues with the 3G and iOS4. If you really think that iPhone5 is going to be some monumental change from iPhone4, you're really kidding yourself. You can also bet that if a new version of iOS is going to be the main change for the iPhone5, that the current iPhone4/3GS and lord help the 3G will more than likely get it too.

So you never were on hold on a call and while waiting surfed the web or checked email? It doesn't matter, a smartphone should be able to do everything and if iPhone lacks that, then it FAILS in my book. Verizon is suppost to be number one and that strips them from being number one. I'm happy for Verizon users who have been waiting an iPhone and they should and will be Thankful for what there getting. But again, Verizon has newer and faster phones so to go and get a 2 yr contract for a phone that is already 6 months old, then that's on them but I would wait for the newer iPhone to come out instead of getting an old one. And if Verizon is always going to be getting the newer iPhone 6 months later, then they need to scrap the iPhone all together and be original and create a phone that's just for there network(like the droid or something) So sorry I'm not impressed that the number 1 cell phone provider completely ruined the release of there New but Old cell phone.

I can honestly say NO, I have NEVER had to use data while on a call. What's the big deal anyways, it's a very minor feature in my opinion. I can't think of one good reason I would NEED this feature and I've read several of these types of posts.
If AT&T iPhone users are trying to make it out to be a big deal, that's very petty.
By the way, if you're on a call and you need to use data and you're not near a computer chances are you're probably driving; not a good combination

So whats going to happen in june? A new iphone for att and verizon will stay behind? Or are the dates going to be switcged?

Horray for competition now maybe we will see a war on prices such as data plans etc. so at$t wont keep jacking up the price

If you are using an AT&T phone and are talking to somebody then:
A) you will probably DROP the call
B) if you THINK you can actually surf the web AND download anything BEFORE your conversation is over, you're dreaming. AT&T has the SLOWEST network.
C) you should be thanking your lucky stars that the call went through in the first place. So don't mess with a completed call while you're still talking.
AT&T will lose a ton of customers due to their lack of service. Nobody cares about the "surfing during a call" feature. It's useless and, with AT&T, you're lucky if you can even MAKE a call.
YES, I am a dissatisfied AT&T customer. I lived with AT&T for three years of no service and dropped calls in NEW YORK CITY. Their service was so bad that they waived all cancellation charges.

I have a Blackberry curve through Verizon - I was waiting for the Iphone with Verizon. I heard it is best to wait for the Iphone 5
is that correct? Also, what are the advantages of the Iphone versus motorola droid?

I have a blackberry curve and was waiting for Verizon IPHONE
Is it better to wait for the iphone 5? What is the difference between the iphone 4 or 5 versus the Motorola droid?

can anyone tell me how to get my phone to ring it just viberates when someone calls. it's the iphone4 i've had it 6 months it was working ok then it quit ringing only viberates