Waiting up to pre-order an iPhone 5c? Jump into our iMore forums pajama party! [Updated]

iPhone 5c pre-orders start at midnight on September 13, 2013. Typically that means midnight Cupertino Center-of-the-Universe Time, otherwise known as Pacific Time. Whether it's earlier this year, or the same as last, iMore is going to wait up for it! That's right, we're doing a full on Mobile Nations-style Pajama Party!

So, get your bedclothes on, grab some tasty snacks and a beverage - adult or otherwise! - and join us. We'll chat, we'll have fun, maybe we'll even give away some prizes! Mostly we'll wait for iPhone 5c pre-orders to turn on, and then we'll either let everyone else know what we got, or we'll complain about servers going down! It's really 6 and 5 and pick'em at this point!

Update: Apple Store is down! Getting closer!

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Waiting up to pre-order an iPhone 5c? Jump into our iMore forums pajama party! [Updated]


Att website shows countdown timer with just over 4 hrs until preorders start here in Texas. I guess they're going with 12:01 pacific time.

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My guess is that they don't have enough units available to handle the volume that comes with pre-order. Less people are likely to line-up, so they won't run out as quickly.

The demand outstrips the supply.

since the new upgrade policy mine was scheduled to march but i was able to talk one of the customer service lady to moving it up to the 20th. im getting the 5s so theres no point in having it ready for today. but still thats about 6 months.

Could they possibly be putting them up early??? Lol

What kind of prizes we talkin about in here? I like prizes!!

So much for staying up last night. It looks like you can safely order any of the models this morning (7:45am Pacific). So there either is less demand for the new colorful phones or Apple has seriously ramped up supply.

I wonder if they're doing preorders for the colored phones as a way to gauge what colors & memory configurations they need to produce. Remember this is a LOT of SKUs vs. the typical white & black phone releases.

And nobody even mentioned that the pic on this article appears to show the start of a porn scene?

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