Are you still waiting on a white iPhone 4?

It's October now and still no white iPhone 4 in sight -- but are you still waiting on one?

Apple originally announced the white iPhone 4 along with the black one but production delays have now put the release date off until the end of 2010 (New Year's eve anyone?)

Vote in the poll up top and let us know just how long you'll hold out for the white iPhone, or just how over it you are, in the comments below.

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There are 43 comments. Add yours.

Matt says:

Didn't want a white one. Got a 32GB black!

websyndicate says:

It would piss me off is Apple was like Exclusive White iPhone on verizon Only.

iDavey says:

I forgot all about that.
It is kind of fishy as to why it's not out yet...

rushrules says:

I have a 32 gigger black iphone 4 it's Awesome. Why would anybody want a white one anyway?

John-Fox says:

Got my gift cards already purchased ... just waiting. I've e-mailed Steve about it (whether I should just go black, or wait that little bit longer), but he hasn't gotten to me yet. :-)

HungWell says:

What do all of these have in common:
White iPhone 4's, the 4.1 jailbreak, and unicorns?

BSmith4832 says:

I got the black one but my g/f is patiently holding out on the white one. She obviously has much more patience than I do. Lol

zero credibility says:

same , gf is waiting. It's interesting that there's still another 23% of untapped white iphone purchases out there, plus all the people waiting for the verizon iphone. include that with all the people buying the black one now and that would definitely match the android sales in the US.

Orin says:

I upgraded my blackberry for a black iphone 4, when the white one is available I'll upgrade my iphone 3gs.

DanyO says:

I'm waiting for an iPhone 4 32gb, period. white or black. I'm trying to get it through my employer, and it looks like the stocks are still quite low at our carrier (Rogers Wireless, Canada)

R3alRom3 says:

Is it me or the survey not working when it switches tabs i mean it use to work fine without having to open in a new tab but that functionality has disappeared?! Why rene? Why?

Austin says:

Never wanted a white one to begin with. I think the design of the black one is a lot sleeker. I got a 16GB black iPhone 4, and I am in love with it. I've never had a device of this quality before...not even my iPad.

DBox says:

My minds still set on the white iPhone. If it doesn't come out soon, I guess I could wait until the next gen iPhone comes out. By then there shouldn't be any complaints about making white models.

Ronn says:

Made a good decision by going with the black. I would of went insane by now if I had waited for the white.

GatorRx says:

I am holding out for a White one, I have had a White 3G then a white 3GS so I am going to keep the streak alive. If the white one comes out beginning of next year I will just wait it out with the 3GS until the next iPhone comes out in June. Idk what it is, but Apple products seem so much more special when they are clean white or high tech brushed aluminum.. Just my opinion.

Mickyfin says:

Waiting for the white 32GB

Jasonphil says:

I wanted white. But I got black. And I'm not regretting it one bit!

I didn't say it. says:

Never wanted white. I like the sleek black look.

OneOfDaKine says:

No I'm not waiting for the white phone but waiting patiently for the Jailbreak of 4.1

Tony says:

I don't think the White iPhone will be released on at&t in the U.S. At least not initially. I think they are saving that color for the next U.S. carrier (Verizon or T-Mobile) rumored to release the iPhone in early 2011. (What kind of quality issues could they really be having based on color?)

Scottdoc says:

REALLY??!?!??! (SNL) 23% of people are waiting for a white phone???? What type of consumer ignores all the technological reasons and/or cool features and is waiting to buy a $200+ phone with a 2 year contract (minimum $1300 in service charges) simply because it is white?????? I dont see this person as a true fan/user of this phone. I dont think this person would even need such a phone. What a waste of money. So funny. REALLY??!?!??! :)

Rico says:

Apparently a white iPhone 4 was spotted in the gray market capital of the Philippines:

APimpNamedGoldy says:

why are all these stupid polls worded so lame? Can't you just put "No". instead it's like "No, it took too long..." that totally assumes people were waiting. There needs to be just a "no."

MTL iPad Fan says:

I'll be waiting for a black one probably until 2011 with rogers.

hagcel says:

Have been waiting for white but at this point will keep my 3GS and see what happens with Verison and/or iPhone 5

Webvex says:

Verizon will get the white one. They have a history of selling white handsets. Of course, AT&T will get it too. BTW, the whole manufacturing delays thing was just a ploy to bump sales later in the model year.

west3man says:

Scott, who gives a darn if the person fits someone's definition of "true fan?" Who cares if they need it or not?
That's the color they want and they're willing to stick with what they've got until then. Nuff said.
Hell, you could say they're the REAL fans, to continue to wait for the this magical, imaginary device. Or not.

Freiteez says:

I'm still waiting for a WHITE Christmas. Maybe it will come out on BLACK Friday?

KMPhotographer says:

To all those saying the white iPhone 4 will only be on Verizon - a Rogers employee posted pictures on Twitter of 2 white iPhone 4 activations in Canada. It was about a week ago. He says they were legit with the Apple box and everything. If true, then the white iPhone isn't just going to a new carrier.

Scottdoc says:

West, I just think it is real weird if you are basing your decision to purchase modern technology on color (get a different white phone then). My point was that the hard core apple consumers on this website and forum typically arent people holding out solely for color. It is just hard for me to imagine waiting to experience the iphone4 because the phone is black. That is not why I have the phone. Can people be "Real fans" by not buying the product? You've made my point. Thats the unusual contradiction I was trying to point out. I know everyone is different. Waiting for the white iphone4? Buy some jewlery instead, I think.

MikeD says:

I'm waiting on the RED iPhone 4!

Mom of Naa says:

I would have liked the white, but in totally satisfied with the black 16G. One regret though, I would go 32G next time.

Hayden says:

The white iPhone is horrid.

Stephanie O says:

I think if I am going to spend over 600 dollars on something colour matters, that doesn't take away from being a fan of the product

arin.failing says:

At this point, the white iPhone (dare I say) rumor, is as likely as the Verizon iPhone rumor. I say we'll see both simultaneously (not necessarily exclusively).

Ben says:

Im still on the 3G and its painful to use, ive am waiting so long for the white one, idk if i can wait any longer :( Black one is looking really good right now :/

Dood says:

@Arlin, I disagree. The two are completely different. One is proven to exist, and the other, a rumor.
I stopped waiting. Went with black. Apple waited too long to pull the trigger.

Grammar Police says:

"Or has your desire for immediacy trumped your fashion sense and made you by, if not the right iPhone, then the right-now iPhone?"
Should read:
"Or has your desire for immediacy trumped your fashion sense and made you BUY, if not the right iPhone, then the right-now iPhone?"

Veronica says:

Sadly, I'm waiting on the White iPhone. I have a 3G and it's absolutely killing me when I see other people with the black iPhone 4. Come on, apple... I've been good!
I really hope they release it soon or else I'll do the whole, "Well, if I waited this long, I can wait until they release the new one in the summer." No, actually... I don't think I can wait.

petaf says:

Lol @ Grammar Police!!! I am constantly hissing under my breath at spelling mistakes, etc. It's a lost cause.
Oh, and I'm extremely happy with my black iphone 4. I don't like the look of it in white.

S.B. says:

I'm still waiting for a BLACK one! Three months and counting. Apple doesn't seem to want to send them to Bell. Very annoying. A new iPhone will be released before I get one, at this point.

Leighann Countee says:

I LOOOOOOOOOVE your make up and the clutch is CUTE!!! Cant wait for you to receive the dress