White iPhone 4 delayed until "later this year"

Apple has just issued a statement on the white iPhone and it's not good news for those still holding out for the now almost mythical device:

White models of Apple’s new iPhone 4 have continued to be more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected, and as a result they will not be available until later this year. The availability of the more popular iPhone 4 black models is not affected.

Anyone still going to wait? Sound off in comments...

[Apple PR, thanks Jake for the tip!]

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There are 71 comments. Add yours.

Jeffdc5 says:

Still going to wait I have always had a white iPhone. I might just wait For the next gen. By the time the white one comes out it won't be that far off

Michael says:

more popular black models? like we have another choice!!

paulrkiii says:

It's so they can fix the antenna issue ;)
I was going to get my wife a white iphone 4 but will just get her a black one now....I've got my iphone 4 and LOVE it....

Justine says:

I'm glad I never planned on getting a white one, I'd be better off waiting for the 2011 iPhone... and it wouldn't match my MacBook or PC!

Jake says:

Cool! My tip got submitted. I guess I'll have no choice but to go with a black iPhone. Apple's "later this year" could be as late as March.

Mrjr says:

Wow. Glad my heart isn't set on a white i4. Poor Leanna.

Jo2reco says:

Wow. I guess I'm stickin wit my 3gs til next year

Scottie says:

Well done Apple with your handling of the whole iPhone 4 sham. I'm researching Android handsets now. If you sort things out I might come back for the iPhone 5.

leo from miami says:

@paulrkiii i think u r right maybe they want to fix the cellphone and i have a 3g in black but im waiting for next year

lions2010 says:

Its something to do with the paint apparently. I'm totally blind so I don't guess it would matter to me anyway, but it is good to see them stepping up and admitting that there are issues before the product is released.

EagleyeSmith says:

@Leo From Miami
I have a 3G, if you can wait that long w/that phone. Good Luck. I'm getting the BlackOne now. This is ridiculous, and I can't wait that long. Not w/this horrible 3G. So slow, always crashing, and half my physical buttons on the phone are dying. Black it is, I guess.

Micky says:

Oh well, the wait continues.

omar says:

man ive been waiting for the white one! guess ill just get a black one. do they have them in stock at the apple stores?

Mai says:

giving up on it, going to order a black iphone 4 tonight.

UntidyGuy says:

You're waiting for it wrong. The white iPhone is a 2011 model which will be released six months early.

fastlane says:

White iPhone 4 delayed until “later this year”

Yeah, umm... so is the black one. :roll:

Jake Starr says:

F*** Apple. They have screwed this whole iPhone 4 launch since day one. I'm keeping my 3GS and waiting for the white iPhone 5 on LTE in 2011. Or will they release that white model in 2013? :-(

Björn says:

"paulrkiii says:
July 23, 2010 at 9:01 am
It’s so they can fix the antenna issue"
--I completely agree! Why release the SAME model with the SAME exact problem, just in a different color? Paint doesn't cause delays like this. They're working on a hardware tweak so as to avoid the SAME public backlash. C'mon guys...

JZ says:

Still holding strong with my white 3GS. Really sucks that opts getting pushed back again but ik still goin to wait for it.

brandonF says:

Iphone 4 app for free case in iTunes.

MyanRoser says:

This is total BS. I've held out this long, I can hold out for iPhone5.

ddot196 says:

So glad I finally decided to not wait and order my black one a few weeks ago. I would have been so mad if I had to wait even longer.

DeathGrip says:

If you are a woman and are holding out for the white iPhone, I feel sorry for you. If you are a man holding out for the white iPhone, take a long look in the mirror...

Hating my Palm Post! says:

Every month I wait to get an iPhone 4 just saves me another $30 in early termination fees to Sprint. However if I wait to get a white one, then I won't be eligible to get an iPhone 6 when that comes out in 2 years... then I'll have to wait again! Guess I'm off on an adventure to get my black iPhone 4!

Chris M says:

"ive been waiting so long for this" "i might as well wait for iPhone 5" "Apple screwed up"
you people crack me up. Its merely been a month since the iPhone 4 itself was launched. LMAO

Ryan says:

@Chris M
Don't forget we live in an instant gratification generation. Everyone wants it now, now, now.

Viper says:

Does anyone honestly care? Not being cynical, genuinely curious.

fridayxiii says:

@DeathGrip: I feel sorry for you. Take a long look in the mirror; try to figure out where your sexual identity & sense of insecurity comes from. Idiot.

BNV^ says:

@ Viper: Some people care. It's just a preference. If the situation were reversed and the Black iPhone 4 was held back for this long, I would be flipping out too. I mean I like the Black one much more than the white one. I dunno why, it just looks right to me.

Freiteez says:

I can wait. I'm patient. Still using my iphone 3G but once that white one comes out I'll get it!!

Daje says:

I been waiting since the gizmodo release for the white one.

Allyson Kazmucha says:

I'm pretty sure Leanna is going to storm the Cupertino campus in t-minus 10 minutes.

TheJosh says:

The delay is most likely paint actually. I have no proof of this but the most common element in white electronic devices is titanium oxide and apparently there is a problem acquiring that as of late...or so I have been told.
Either way, I have the iPhone4 in black and love it and to those of you waiting for the white one, why not buy a black one and put a white bumper on it? Then you have the best of both worlds :)

Danielinvegas says:

They are going to t-mobile that is why they aren't avaiable. When apple announces tmobile as next carrier they will be selling white to separate from AT&T I bet

DeathGrip says:

@FridayXIII: I'm fine with who I am. I am also fine with being an idiot. If you cannot laugh about what is obviously a joke, then someone is insecure and it is not me. Turn in your man card.

Mom of Naax2 says:

I'm still considering the white one. I can't upgrade my second line until January so I'm good on waiting for white for now. I'm also thinking of just paying the $500.00 to get it without extending my contract on that second line. Haven't decided just yet.

websyndicate says:

I ordered my black iphone oh well. 32GB

Shrike says:

Come on Apple, execute!
Looks like Plan B didn't pan out either. On to plan C on getting this thing shipped.

VDR says:

Paint problem my @$$!
Did you all forget the white iPod Nano? Granted that was plastic but I don't think it's rocket science to place a thin layer of white plastic below the glass.

ennTOXX says:

This blows me away!
I have been waiting for the FULL white version since day one.
I can't even begin to speculate why these things are happening to, what is at the moment, the ONLY reason why Apple made so much money this year.

lonnie waller says:

thats not true the white iphone was not delayed just look at apples site instead of listening to this dumbass site

Mr. Anonymous says:

Still waiting for the white version.

Tone says:

Man am glad I just went ahead and got the black one wks great, feel sorry for the people who were holding out for the white ip4

Brian says:

Was waiting on a white one for the wife. Will order the black today. Love my IP4 no sense in waiting that long just for something I'll cover with a case.

Johnny Duke says:

Looks like apple was right in thier assumption that no one in their right mind would want a white iPhone.

johan says:

Jailbreak and soft unlock for iPhone 4 is on its way http://bit.ly/catyh8

Cody Allison says:

ok, lets be honest here.
there are one of two ways this situation could have worked out.
A- They released it, and it wasnt up to par. what do you think you people would be doing right now? Complaining about how its not up to standard and you want to send it back or get a refund.
B- the way it is right now. Apple is taking their time and doing it right so they dont have another screw up. Yes, it is taking longer than expected but oh well, thats life.
i guess what im saying is quit complaining. Yes it is taking longer than expected, but if you want it bad enough you will wait. If you dont want to wait, get a black one, its not the end of the world. or C, switch devices to something you wont complain about.
thanks for reading.

Glenn#IM says:

Agree with others. It will be after Sept, or whenever the free bumper cases are cut off. The antenna will be closed up into the case, or covered up. If they do fix the white one, will they fix the others? I do not call a free bumper a true permanent fix.

Dawn says:

I'm holding out. I really did not want to upgrade this year anyway, after only a year with my 3GS. If the white is not out until the beginning of next year it will be easier to justify a new phone, or even to keep waiting for what is new next June.

Jason says:

haha by the time they release the white iphone 4 it will practically be time for a new iphone.

jeff says:

im not waiting any more black iphone here i come

Vihn87unleaded says:

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In response to his wife tragic delay.

Vihn87unleaded says:

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In response to his wife tragic delay.

GraysonIP says:

Son of a gun! I waited and waited, with great anticipation. Now this!!!! They're simply incompetent, or we were duped. Either way, Apple's cool points just tanked, along with my loyalty to their product.

Glenn#IM says:

Just what is covered under the year warranty. If the free bumper is a fix, does that mean it is a warranty fix? If the white phone has a cover or coating over the antenna, will they do the same for the black phone? I know it's a new process reference the white plastic/glass, but white plastic, and white heatproof glass has been around for years, and years with improvements added along the way.

D says:

wtf are you fu#$ing serious~!!!!!!!!! F%#k!!!!!! stupid apple

Kenji O. says:

The elusive Moby Dick of the cell phone world! ;)

Junniorlmt says:

What a sour apple....! Can't believe this!!! waited so long for this I guess I still wait I don't want a black phone....!

zacharywf says:

I actually went ahead and bought 3 black iPhone 4's last weekend under the assumption that the white one would be available at the end of the month, and that my Fiance' and her mother (who is also in our family plan) could come in within the 30-day exchange window and switch out their black ones for the white version. I got off the phone today with AT&T and a note was added to our account so that we can still exchange our phones for the white one when it is released at no penalty.
Ask your local AT&T store, and see if you can work out a deal, so you don't have to wait for your i4, but can still get the white one for no additional fees.

Crayolaboi says:

I really wanted the white, well I guess I could just use the money for the new limited edition halo reach 360 ;-)

Fraydog says:

I'll just order the white one when it comes to Verizon. ;)

Stephxieh says:

I'm going to wait until the white one comes out, I would have to wait anyway since its not even out in canada until the 30th, I may as well get the one I want. As for the people complaining about it, get a different colour then, If you really want it you will wait, if not get the black one. Obviously they want to use the best materials for it and not make a cheap version. I don't think there will be a major change to the phone other than the colour, They are offering cases that should be enough to fix an issue that existed anyway, at least they are owning up to it.

iamse7en says:

I'm still going to wait, but this really pisses me off.

Bent24 says:

Well my local AT&T store manager said they are not getting any white iPhone 4 in until the first of the year. I said "January 1st, whatever dude." he just sat in nodded his head yes. After Steve jobs said at the Ooops conference, that white iPhone would ship in another month. I went back and chatted with him after the Jobs announcement. He still said first of the year. Thinking he was just trying to get an upgrade out of me, now, instead of later. I laughed it off and left. Now this bu//$hit?!! Wow, and that's all I can say.

iVenom says:

White iPhone = unicorn tear. lol no one is getting one

Stevie says:

What sucks is they still know that those set on white are all going to wait for the privilege of dropping 200 to 300 bucks. apple owns us v__v

murat says:

I’m still going to wait, but this really pisses me off.

no says:

stevie apple own fanboys like you, not "us"
normal people will get a superior phone like windows phone 7, but you can get your defective antenna phone