White Verizon iPhone 4 icons show up in iTunes 10.2

White iPhone 4 icons show up in iTunes 10.2

MacRumors says one of their readers did some digging through iTunes 10.2 and found that a white Verizon iPhone has been added to the previously existing white GSM (AT&T) iPhone 4 version.

[The icons] would be displayed in the Summary window within iTunes when the device is connected. The image is distinct from the original white iPhone 4 icon and clearly shows the antenna break on the top right side of the CDMA version that is not present in the GSM version.

Apple has previously said the white iPhone 4 would ship in Spring and recently Apple SVP of Marketing Phil Schiller repeated that timeline.

No word yet on whether or not the flying unicorn wallpaper can be clearly seen or not


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White Verizon iPhone 4 icons show up in iTunes 10.2


Whoopee-freakin'-doo-da! Now when I plug in my phone it might show up differently! Oh wait, I still have the 3GS, I suppose I'll have to wait until the iPhone 5 comes out... Nutz!