White iPhone 4 shipping in the next few weeks?

White iPhone 4

After 10 long, long months Bloomberg says Apple will finally -- finally -- be ready to ship the near mythical white iPhone 4 in just a few short weeks. Phew!

The new version will be available from AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless by the end of April, said one of the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans aren’t public. The release was stalled as Apple resolved manufacturing challenges, including paint that peeled under heat, one person said.

The white iPhone 4 suffered delay after delay until Apple pushed it back all the way to "spring". Lots of different theories circulated as to what was causing the problem, including the white color messing up the proximity sensor, the flash, and other issues. Further rumors suggested Apple even switched painting processes to help fix the problem

So who will be crying unicorn tears as they pick up this baby? Or is it too little color, too late in the product life cycle?

And who thinks Apple releasing the white iPhone 4 now helps fill the void left by rumors of iPhone 5 only coming in the fall?

[Bloomberg, image shows Leanna's aftermarket white iPhone 4 conversion]


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There are 37 comments. Add yours.

ArtVandelay says:

At this point , it's a joke to even release a white iPhone 4. :roll:

Tony says:

What's a joke is I still might purchase it.

Ron says:

Yeah, but is anybody still holding out for a white iPhone? I wanted a white one initially, but I didn't want to wait it out? Who is going to shell out the cash for the white??

tlo07 says:

I'll have my black iPhone 4 on eBay by the end of the week!

mrsFAB says:

I'll just wait for iPhone 5 now...

Jon says:

This might devalue my black phone when I try to sell it later on.

Spiderman says:

Is this a april fools joke. I bet before the release date they will delay it.

Stew says:

Sadly it could be a sign that they intend holding out on the iphone 5 and get more sales from the iphone 4 and recoup some of the research or production costs involved with fixing the issues that delayed the launch of the white iphone 4 in the first place.
I personally am not a fan of the look of the white iphone, it looks, and sorry if this offends, cheap and nasty, and looks like it would show marks far too easy for my liking.

Pat says:

The black iPhone 4 is still difficult to find in stock with all mobile carriers here in Ireland. The notion that there may be no demand for a white iPhone 4 at this stage is crazy. Of course there will be. I may well buy it myself.
Irish carriers have put us all on such long contracts with so little discount for upgrading that I will mostly buy unsubsidised direct from Apple from now on.

Pat says:

@stew Apparently iPad in White shows far fewer smudges than black. So it should look better.

mrpdf says:

Love it. Perfect for the wife. She's happy with the 3GS and will be happy with a white iPhone 4. Not everyone needs the latest and greatest.

ArtVandelay says:

Wifey getting bored with black ?! ;) :lol: iPhone that is :P

phil says:

Just in time to put a case on it

mp0890 says:

maybe its dual-mode? idk it has to be more than just a color change this late in the cycle...

Binja says:

I'd live to see some kinda trade program from Apple. I mean, there is no reason they should need to offer to let us trade, I just wish they would. I want a white iPhone 4 wicked hard. I waited and waited and I finally accepted that it wasn't coming out. And now, low and behold...

Carioca32 says:

It looks great from the back, but the front face looks terrible with the screen off. Again I predict, this is pointless rumor, there will be no white iPhone 4.

jason says:

end of july..end of august..end of sepetember...end of october..end of november...you get the point. thats been said about every month since iphone 4 has been out. lol

TFausett says:

Yeah I really don't see the point in the white iPhone 4. I'd wish that they would just give us the iPhone 5 instead.

John Smith says:

Yes! This Ipod white looks really nice. i was looking for such ipod colors online but didn't find any where. this blog helped me a lot about that information. i m looking forward to buy one for me as soon as possible. 1 pod touch has such great information about ipod touch

GraysonIP says:

After waiting so terribly long, I simply associate the white iPhone with disappointment now.

Dood says:

Now you know how your parents feel when they meet people named Matthew.

Matthew says:

I have a 3GS. I would have upgraded to white 4 months ago. Now, too little, too late. I'll use my upgrade discount for iPhone 5 in September. Sigh.

Dood says:

And you now know how your parents feel when they meet people named Matthew.

ApostrafeeOmalley says:

now thats innovation, the phone that changed everything again....by changing the color....still you fanboys will still no doubt be in line for week to pick this up

emirsosa says:

which n00b will go an buy a white i4>?
they are either dork or dumb :D

Chris says:

The white iPhone is tacky imo, doesn't look as smart as the black 1 and I also don't believe it will be out soon..I say this because here in the UK, after Apple said a month or so ago the white 1 was coming, it was on sites like Vodafone saying coming soon but recently this was pulled from the site and doesn't even mention the white 1 at all now so who knows !! Personally though I wouldn't want1, the black 1 is way classier imo, maybe if i was 15 or something I may want the white because I thought it made me look good amonst my peeps with their black 1s but as i'm not, i'll swerve it !!

YeaOkYea says:

I originally wanted the white iPhone 4 so I held off for months then I gave up cause my iPhone 3G was irritating the crap out of me once I updated it to the 4.0 software. It's pretty pointless to release this now. Apple should at least offer a discount if people wanted to trade their black one.

Mom of Naa says:

I need a white iPhone 5. Thanks. Hop to!

Rage Face says:

Honestly, the white iPhone 4 should just stay the stuff of legend. It's way too late for anyone to give a damn. If a customer really wanted an iPhone 4, they have one. Color quit being a factor after the third push back. Save white for the iPhone 5.

felface says:

Like i said on the last article about white iPhone release won't believe it until I see it

OmariJames says:

idk ... i may buy this one ... but whats going with the iPhone 5 in the fall ... doesn't make sense to release it like 4 months before the new one ...

Angie says:

I'm on Verizon and can't upgrade until next month from my BlackBerry, so it's coming right in time for me. :)

9thWonder says:

BAAAAAAAH!!! i don't want a damn white phone. i don't already have an iphone either. I just want to get rid of this damn pre and get an iphone. been waiting more then a year. man i pray there's a iphone 5 released on time. fricken white phone. i don't even have white appliances.

Renard says:

White iPhone 4? Yawn. If they think this will help placate us until a delayed? IPhone 5 perhaps in the fall... Well I'm eligible for a new phone in June and let me assure you it won't be an iPhone 4

tikishark says:

It would be just like Apple to release the white iPhone 4 alongside a new iPhone ( 4S) to get the crowd going. The iPhone 4S would be the standard upgrade of 199.00 and the older 4 would drop to 100.00. Then release the 5 early in 2012. The 4S could be outfitted with the same screen, the new A5 chip, and perhaps a dual-core processor. Just enough of a bump to keep everyone satisfied until next year. I still find it hard to believe that Apple would change its yearly upgrade cycle (and just throw a new color in its place). It has been stated many times before that Apple beats to its own drum (and that they don't mind losing money if it means producing a quality product), but with so many Android phones coming out on the market, Apple can't afford to fall behind. A simple white phone will not help them keep their lead.