White iPhone 4 unboxing

Witness the unboxing 10 months in the making -- the white iPhone 4 is finally here and we want to take it out for a test drive. First we need to unbox it. We need our gadget pr0n.

So sit back, relax, hit play and watch as TiPb goes white.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

White iPhone 4 unboxing


Seriously ........
I just don't understand why people are so existed for the same iPhone ... in white ...
WTF is going on here.

Wow! It has a ring/vibrate switch, volume up an down buttons, and a mute/power button almost like the black one!

So, its an "unboxing" with the Twitter app installed? I think someone peaked a little early ;)

I don't mean to sound pessimistic but I can't help but think the introduction of the WHITE iPhone 4 is just a delay to keep sales up until the iPhone 5 comes out, which won't be at the WWDC as originally hoped.
AND, by the time the phone has a protective cover on it, like 50% of people do, you won't even notice that it's white!
But I'm still going to get one! :)

The screen looks like crap, just as I expected. Whites have a blue tint, compared to the true white of the body. I noticed the images on the Apple site appear to be touched up, so the whites match, but in real life they'll never match. The same screen tints are on the black models too, but you can't tell, your eyes adjust for it. Oh well, as long as it makes you look cool.

P.S. It makes my eyes hurt just thinking about trying to use a white iPhone in direct sunlight. It's more like a "Retina Damage" display.

I don't understand these "unboxing" stories. What's so intriguing about opening a box that one must either film it or take hi-rez pictures of it?

WOW. I can't beleive it is really here. AN IPHONE 4!! I've heard about those things, but hadn't seen one until just now. That really looks cool. The way you opened that box, boy let me tell you!! You had me hanging, waiting for that first peek. And there it was: A PHONE!!! Go figure. Not that I couldn't tell from the box. I mean that was cool and all, but to see it in your hand: MAGICAL!! And the way you flipped that switch!!! WOW again. You must feel very special, seeing as you have the Unicorn version of the iPhone now. Except for all the people that had theirs converted already. But your is "official", and, looks just like theirs does. Hmmmmm.......really starting to beleive people WILL buy anything with that Apple on the back.

The gap location of the antennae is in the same location as the AT&T iphones. If the Verizon iPhone fixed the antennae issue putting the gaps on the sides then why is the new white iPhone's antennae not the same as the Verizon?

Fake unboxing.. no protective films anywhere i think he opened it used it and decide to fake unbox. too funny.

Well that was a great marketing trick apple did there. I still can't believe that people are falling for this one. Open your eyes it is the same damn iphone 4. Are you going to buy 5 more if they releases red, yellow, green, blue and brown? Where is this world going...

The only mildly interesting thing about it was the proximity sensor. Otherwise, not a big deal. It's an iPhone. It's white. Big deal. So am I.

Karolis. Some people are fine with buying the iPhone in a different color as is. Same can be applied to those who waited to buy an Evo -just- for a back white cover.
Famboyism is ignorance but so is your brand. You'll call out Apple fanboys yet you yourself are a slave to another brand.
I know none of us want to slip and buy a sub-par product but comeon.
Competition is great. The iPhone 4 is a solid product that still competes with products launched so far in 2011.
Nit for you? Plenty of other phones and OSes available.
Pre 3 should be good. Just needs apps.

Although I would have NEVER waited this long (especially since I picked my black one up launch day), you have to admit... the white is a nice touch. :)

If you don't care about the white iPhone release then why did you click the link to this unboxing vid? Lol ... You're not even just the least bit interested??! Admit it!

Yes, I happen to be interested in stupid little details like the proximity sensor cutout and the fact that it's a little thicker. But, come on.