Still no white iPhone 4, so how about a white iPad 2 rumor?

Still no white iPhone 4, so how about a white iPad 2 rumor?

Still no word on the white iPhone 4 other than "spring" so how about we start wondering about a white iPad 2? That's what the above part just might represent. Or it could just be a test part, a part for after-market conversion shops, or for a knock-off tablet. Who knows any more?

Bezel size aside, given the delays in white iPhone 4 production would Apple really tempt that fate again and if true, could a white iPad 2 actually be released before the white iPhone 4? We'll find out on Wednesday at the iPad 2 event but until then let us know -- would you want one?


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Still no white iPhone 4, so how about a white iPad 2 rumor?


Sure, why not? I prefer black, but it would probably be just as easy to make as the white iPhone and I imagine there would be some demand.

Same here. Almost ready to sell the iPhone 4. I was at Best Buy yesterday watching people still buying the iPhone 4. And one guy asked if they had a certain MacBook in stock. The employee went to go look. I looked at it and told the guy, the new ones just came out and this guy is trying to sell you the old one. Same thing with the iPad. 2 ladies were about to buy iPads. I said they announce the new one on March 2nd. All 3 thanked me and walked away. Employee comes back with the MacBook asking me if I saw which way the guy went. I said home until you get the new MacBooks in stock. And the ladies buying the iPads are waiting to see the new one on March 2nd. Then the best buy guy says. There's a new iPad coming out? I said, you guys are scary.

Hmm, that's a pretty tiny hole. Could it just be a white conversion part for the iPad 1? Thought the iPad 1 had a little hole at the top for the light sensor.

You are correct. The iPad 1 does have a sensor in that spot. I'm still skeptical. We repair devices for a living and I find all kinds of weird parts online. This could just be a white front for an iPad 1, who knows. You'd have to see the connectors to know for sure.
I'm pretty sure I could probably find a zebra front plate if I was dead set determined. I'm sure they're out there :P

Really? Haven't we gone thru that headache (& still going thru it) waiting for the "white" iPhone 4? We don't need another lie of when the white iPad 2 will be released.

@Shrike it's for a camera. The one in the iP4 is that small, but also the ambient light sensor doesn't need a hole.

Oh here we go again... I think Apple has proven they can't colored iPhones right, so get a white case for your iPhone/iPod and live with it. Personally I'd like a mood iPhone that changes color.

With the iPad, I'm not sure it is such a huge deal. The white iPhone 4 had an issue with the prox sensor. But since you don't hold the iPad up to your face to talk, a white iPad probably wouldn't create issues like the white iPhone 4 did.

Couldn't care less. I'm a fan of black in general, but I'm certain case and "sticker" makers will give me no end of color and design options should I choose to sex it up later.

White iPad would be cool but how do these people know the exact position of the camera hole ? Is it the same case with people who made iPhone 4 cases with the camera hole in the back ?

Btw before the barrage of comments calling me out as a racist, I want you to understand that it is all in good humour

Random thought about a white iPad 2...
If I recall correctly, the Woz had made a comment that later was "corrected" by him stating that the white iPhone 4 was delayed due to a light leak on the rear camera, which he "noted as being present" with his white conversion. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but that sounds legit.
With the iPhone 4, the front camera only has an unpainted portion that allows for transparency (as it appears the white iPad 2 glass does). However, for the rear camera, the iPhone has a lens assembly. If they were having manufacturing delays due to the rear glass paint and lens assembly causing a light leak, then wouldn't it stand to reason that the front glass would be a "go" by this point (for both an iPad and iPhone 4)? Therefore, a white iPad 2 with front glass and rear aluminum wouldn't be too much of a stretch, from a manufacturing standpoint, right? It seems like short of the proximity sensor issue front glass (which Ally made comment about above, and wouldn't apply to the iPad), it's not unreasonable to assume that Apple might push this out as a "make-good" to the Apple fanboys (and Leanna).

I heard a rumor that they are making a polka dot iPad 2. There will also be an iPhone 5 that will have stripes too. Lol!