Whoopi Goldberg destroyed her iPhone 4

The bad press continues to mount for Apple but this time it was not from David Letterman or Top Gear rather the TV show The View. Whoopi Goldberg described how she took out her frustration of the constant poor performance she has had with her iPhone 4. Exactly how did she destroy you ask - opened her car door and smashed the phone onto the ground.

Luckily my iPhone 4 works pretty well, though I'm sure I would be rational enough not to smash my device on the ground.

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Reader comments

Whoopi Goldberg destroyed her iPhone 4


As much as I enjoy Whoopi as an entertainer, her recent defense of Mel Gibson's terrible and hateful behavior... I suppose I can easily imagine Whoopi, in a fit of rage, smashing her iPhone. She probably swore at it and berated it as well.
Geeze. When I have problems with my reception, I call AT&T and make them credit me a good portion of my bill.

yes. because this is the first phone ever with reception problems. I am sure she doesnt have a hidden agenda. remember all the T-mobile commercials with her MY Touch????
get a life.

Bahahaha!!! I remember her smiling on that commercial playing and dancing with it. Bahaha!!!
This reception issue is way outta hand in my opinion. I have the issue but it just comes n goes. I can not put my finger there in the magic spot everytime and achieve signal loss. It only happens out in rural areas.. Sometimes! Crazyness.

Ah, couldn't care less about what she did with hers. I feel like she simply says stuff so she can be the "extreme one" on her show. Alls I know is, I would never throw this 300 dollar device regardless of what it did. haha

I still don't get it... I seem to always have reception. Even when I do the "death-grip" thing I can still make calls and receive data just as usual. Really weird.

I would say that's her location. I can death grip my iPhone all day long and not lose all signal. I always maintain three bars. I just get really bad hand cramps!! I've tried it in a bunch of locations!

With her career in shambles -- she would do well to marry Mel Gibson and get a 'Droid -- and leave the real world alone. What does she do anyway? Besides smash iPhones?

lmfao at people commenting on mel gibson...you would be better off talking bout the presidents best firends who can't stand you white people...eeeekkkk no news about that we are worried instead bout a actor/director...the white guilt u people suffer from is astounding....i thought by u voting in the first affirmative action prez would have cured u of that illness

nice...i'm loving all the publicity behind the reception problems...now hopefully this helps the consumers tom :)

Apple for the first time in its history managed to get out of its fanboy customer base bubble into the mainstream and establish a strong image with the GENERAL public. That image is now being destroyed at an alarming pace! Friday's press conference better be a full blown recall with the availability of a replacement model with the problems fixed. They also need to explain what the problem was and how it was fixed. They need to save the brand image of the iPhone at this point...

If she had a blackberry the phone would work no matter how you hold it...LOL fanboys the phone is crap. Tomorrow Steve will offer the bumper for half price and you guys will clap and cheer.LMAO.

If that's what she truly did, must be nice to be rich, eh.
Celebrities are so removed from reality/everyday life.

I'm not surprised at her behavior.
Well my iPhone 4, aka theFABphone4, works fine no matter how I hold it. Go figure.

see this is the problem she has enough money that to her the cost of the phone is negligible at best. I think that it has more to do with getting the show ratings rather than actually being fed up with the phone. I mean seriously who is she calling? I can't see her being a hardcore user, it's all press blah this antennae thing is just making me so sick I want the damn phone already come on Apple release it in Canada.

The View is irrelevant? I just looked up the ratings and that show is averaging 3.4 million viewers. The iPhone just got bashed in front of 3.4 million people. The brand's being damaged...Apple has to fix it bigtime.

Only 15 minutes of fame Whoopi has had, or will have, in a while! The phone has been out for close to a month now, but coincidently this phone smashing incident just happened to occur after Letterman began to bash it the other night. Sounds like an attempt to use someone elses comedy material for their own gain. Maybe next time the cop-killer-endorsing washed up has-been will just open up the door of her moving car and just jump out! Fingers crossed!

It's not AT&T...it's not the f'ing "bars rendering" retort that was dished out (media spun) by Apple. It's a hardware issue. A hardware design issue. Yes, other phones have had reception problems. Guess what, people stopped buying those. What I cannot understand is why people will swear by a product simply because of who makes it. Apple makes great stuff...they've made tons of great phones too. But the iPhone 4 (and iOS 4) is nothing special.
I love Apple, I really do. But they are not infallible. They do make crap every once in a while. And the iPhone 4 is it. yet there are so many Apple fanboys out there that you won't even care when they offer the 4Gs in a few months and you all go out and buy it with your "coupon". Yet with every other manufacturer in the world, you'd be more picky. Motorola - they have good phones and bad phones...you avoid the bad, you buy the good. Apple. You buy it regardless because it's Apple. I don't get it.

Iphone fanboys are mad.. you guys should be mad at APple not for messing up .. cause everyone messes up .. but Apple is too arrogan to admit a mistake..

This is a seriously bad PR incident for Apple. They have gone from being the polished leaders in tech to the butt of all jokes. This is how it started with Microsoft's slide towards irrelevance. Do not underestimate the court of public opinion, no matter how idiotic the jurors may be.

As everyone said, she's just certifying that she's a pure idiot! If you don't like the product, go return it!
How dumb... How dumb to go on TV and tell everyone that you threw away 300 bucks on nothing.
And, every phone loses signal. Some wise guy had tweeted "Oh, when I cover my phone's screen with my hand, I can't see it! That's a design flaw!"

@Jerry, everyone messes up, as you say. It's not the end of the world. It's not anything unseen...
So, ppl should stop whining about it.
If you don't like it, go return it. That's all there's to it.

Whoopie has issues similar to her friend Mel. Both need to take a freaking deep breath.
BTW Whoopie. Just because you are African American and Mel has been to your house, doe not mean he is not a racist. He is a freaking douche bag that needs to go away.
Hey Whoopie.....would you let Mel babysit your kids alone? If the answer is yes, you are dumber than you look!

You fanboys need to stop hating on her she has money so she can do whatever she wants to her own stuff.
sister act 2 was the best

The number of ignorant people on this forum bashing the messenger because they don't like the message is astounding! The roughly 20db signal attenuation has been demonstrated by so many sources that I believe it should be accepted by even the most rabid iPhone fanboys as real. The question is what impact in the real world does this have. For some people, not much at all and for others it makes a considerable difference. The simple truth, Apple needs to do something to satisfy the significant minority or iPhone users or the large percentage of iPhone users who are neither fanboys or tech oriented will begin to question the wisdom of trusting Apple with their next phone purchase. The growth of the iPhone beyond the Apple fanboy and tech crowd into the mainstream public consumer base has been amazing and the image that has fueled this growth is in serious jeopardy. It doesn't matter that the fan boys and tech boys don't care about this issue, the real risk is that the less savvy shoppers that would never read this or any other tech blog will question their desire for an iPhone and realize there are numerous other VERY attractive options. Tomorrow's press conference better include a genuine apology, a genuine explanation and a genuine solution or Apple's iPhone growth will loose a lot of momentum.

And who the hell watches The View anymore? It's a bunch of menopausal women sitting around a table and bitching about everything. Who cares?

Perhaps phoopie should have helped the redistributing of wealth by donating her phone to a needy person.

Apple's hard earned reputation took years to earn. It only took a few seconds though for Whoopie to inadvertantly affirm to us what we already knew viscerally; iPhone is the best damned phone ever made. Cooler heads prevail. Keep your iPhones everyone.

Well now they are giving out the cases for free to make up for it, but the problem that whoopi appeared to be having was with the light sensor, also known as the proximity sensor... It senses if the phone is being held up to you head to keep your cheek from pushing buttons, such as the end call button or even opening and deleting your emails... The fix for this will be released soon in the upcoming 4.0.2 update, as for the 4.0.1 update... It doesn't do anything, it doesnt fix the amount of signal you will receive, it just changes how the code translates this signal to the display of bars... also, to make it appear as if you had better signal they made the weaker bars taller... Overall this phone really sucks for making calls unless you get a case, which they are giving out for free, so the problem is solved... yes your signal still drops some when you hold it with your left hand while on the internet, but for making calls it is fine with a case and you will not drop any calls (depends on the type of case you get.) Whoopi should have had one of her many employees research this on google for her instead of breaking it... Whoopi if you are reading this i would love to be your own personal tech support guy, i am currently unemployed after my tour in Iraq and would be able to start immediately!

LOL You guys kill me. I have an iPhone but to declare it the "best damn"ed" phone ever?" I see why everybody hates iPhone users, I'm starting to hate you guys too. iPhone users really are smug douche bags huh... LLS