Who wants to win an iPhone 4 entries: Who would you pick?

Here they are, the entries into TiPb's huge iPhone 4 give-away (technically a US Apple Retail Store gift certificate).

Check them out after the break and let us know your favorite in the poll. It might not influence our final decision... but you never can tell!

So, who do you love?

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Who wants to win an iPhone 4 entries: Who would you pick?


For the love of all things that are holy, don't give the cat the iPhone 4!
And tattoos have already been done by Zune fans, CrackBerry fans, and 'everything else under the sun' fans.

Hey everyone, I posted the iPhone Vacation video and I know your all pretty sick of submission videos, but if you haven't seen mine please take a look at it up top. Thanks to everyone who watches it and good luck to all the entries!

Why would you vote for someone getting a tattoo? It's so completely unoriginal and had no thought put into it whatsoever. Exactly the OPPOSITE of the objective of the contest. The people that actually put time and thought into their project are the only ones that should be considered.

I really hope the tattoo guy doesn't win. If it was a contest to do the stupidest thing to win the iphone, OK, I would vote for him. But as a film goes, eh, not so good.

Def not the tattoo guy. So unoriginal. My vote goes to iphone vacation. It was funny and he makes fun of tattoo guy.

No tat guy!!! The guy is a tool, using a played out idea. He couldn't even get the name of the phone right, for ^*@%'s sake. I can't believe such a retarded video idea has so many votes.

I vote for Tizocman. I COMPLETLY understand what happened, and he was honest. Tattoo guy was unoriginal. It was a funny, but the dude had dozens of tattoos already- one more means very little. Tyler was pretty awesome too though...

i think cregan4584 (dan) should win. his video was completely original and funny. he didnt even lower himself to getting a tattoo and he even got the name of the phone right. if u watched the video and did not crack a smile then my guess is you have down syndrome. vote for cregan

Wow.. I'm picking the tattoo guy cause he did something really stupid.. he also called it the 4G..

Mine is the Timmy video. I hope you take a minute to watch it. It's short and to the point with some effects.

I think it's lame for current iPhone owners to win the next version. Why not give it to someone who doesn't already own an iPhone? I mean it's not as if their current one is obsolete, granted it's not as awesome as the new iPhone 4, but it is still an iPhone. TiPb & fans, I challenge you to cast your vote for a contestant who doesn't already own an iPhone, like Give-way(justdrew1985) or even "The Best for Last" since his fun entry is really a thank you to his aunt. I watched all the entries before voting, and thought a few were well done, but my favorite was Give-way(justdrew1985)! He created an iPhone 4 music video! Not only did he highlight all the cool, new iPhone 4 features creatively, he performed them in an original iPhone 4 song! Super fun & creative! I could only imagine what cool videos he'd create if he won! Vote for Give-way(justdrew1985) too!

I think that the "Man and His iPhone" was the best film by far. It had a plot, drama, humor, great camera work, and best of all, a happy ending. Wait...what? Oh... Right. That was my film. Gotta love the cute little girl at the and who says, "I love you too, iPhone."

A lot of these have copy infringement. I see some videos showing videos off the apple website or online (judge judy was on the vacation one for example) the only ones i think that did well was Cats and Timmy. way to go

Good point Jarred. I used a screen shot of TiPb in my video and I can only assume that's ok. The real question is: Did those cats sign a release?

Haha, copyright infringement? I made the iPhone Vacation video. I wanted to show the phone off, so I showed a 2 second snipet of the iPhone 4 video. Does that mean that if I posted a picture as opposed to a video, it would be infringement? What about when I said "iPhone"? No, it's not infringement. It's the Fair Use Act. Also, Big Ticket Television owns the rights to the Judge Judy name and they encourage people to use their material from the show. It's free advertising. So, no infringement at all. It is all original ideas that I worked very hard on and am very proud of it. Thanks for watching though!

Well... I was certainly worried. So I limited it to a short clip using the TiPb logo(s). I just kinda assumed that was ok.
But I'm pretty sure all the videos we can vote on are all ok on infrigement. There were two entries in the contest forum that didn't make it on the list. (Besides the ones that submitted late.)
I'm sure one was because it looked like it had nothing to do with the contest. The other was on most likely on infringement issues.
But anyway... This day needs to go by faster!!! Oh the anticipation!

Is it infringement if you don't sell it or use it to make a profit? I liked your video the best, Dan, (after mine of course!). Liked the voice modulation.

Hey Farm, true as long as you don't use it for profit. I never even considered TiPb material in the vid as copyright infringement because I used their logo, website name several times and the clip of Rene posting the contest video. I knew it'd draw attention to the site and I wasn't going to sell the video. Farm, your video was awesome and thanks so much for the kind words.

Hey Dan, let's make a deal: if either of us wins, we'll share the iPhone. We'll swich off every other month. This will double our chances of winning!!!

Lol, I love the idea. We will have a custody agreement where we get it every other weekend and holidays. Sounds like a Judge Judy episode.
Another video that I loved the first second I saw it was by justdrew1985. He wrote the song, has a good voice and I laughed. Lots of credit to him.
I think all the entries are great and everyone took the time and effort to put one in. The only video I have a problem with is the tattoo. I don't mean to sound harsh, but it just was not original. It's been done before. I tried to cover everything Rene was looking for. I put an add up on craigslist looking for female jello wrestlers but I kept getting emails calling me a pervert!

iphone vacation is pretty original but i have to admit that iphone funeral was pretty funny i mean seriously who doesnt scream and go crazy for a bit when they break there iphone aha hilarious

@Dan all I meant is that to me it seemed you guys had copyrighted material in your video. Yeah it could have been original but copyrighted material shouldn't be in it or so I thought. Unless you do own the rights to the iPhone 4 video or judge Judy. And when you talk about using your video for profit. Are you not trying to win a $499 gift card by using your video?

@jarred Very true, unless you have permission. I contacted Apple's legal department and spoke to a representative by the name of Samantha. I told her I used a 3 second snippet of the iPhone 4 preview video that showed the iPhone design and apple logo. I told her I was not using it for profit, but the winner would receive a $499 gift certificate. I asked for permission, and she laughed. Her words were "That's perfectly acceptable as you are not using our trademarks for profit. Thank you for asking." I asked if I could have written permission and she said that she couldn't mail something out, but the rules for the use of Apple trademarks are available on apple.com/legal. You can verify this by contacting Apple's legal department at 408-253-0186.
In regards to judge Judy footage, I contacted CBS Television Studios and was connected to Big Picture Entertainment. I asked to speak to a member of their legal department. No one answered, so I left a voicemail. When they get back to me, I'll update. As I said earlier, they encourage use of the videos as long as no profit is made. That's why there are so many YouTube channels dedicated to showing full Judge Judy episodes an hour after they broadcast.
I respect you wondering this and glad you did because it gave me a chance to make sure my permissions are official and follow all guidelines that tipb.com asked for. Good luck everyone!

Does anyone find it odd that the video with the most votes is the one whose creator has the most subscribers?

Like Rene said, this vote is not really worth anything. It's just simply a poll. Hopefully Rene will judge these videos on their own merit and not by some silly, easily tamperable poll.

The fact that he has more subscribers means he has more people to watch his video and vote. There's nothing "tampered" about that.

sigh. are you really arguing a caption asking people to go to a website if the enjoyed the video and vote for me? I have 120 subscribers. I am not positive, but I am pretty sure WAY more people visit tipb.com the day before the iPhone 4 launch, especially with people getting their phone a day early. I work hard to put out material which people like and subscribe to see more of, and 120 is NOTHING. If I was a betting man, I would expect Rene to give the gift certificate to tattoo guy just because he has his website tattooed on his leg now for life. I find tattoo guy's entry very unoriginal, but worthy of it's own respect and merit which I give him 100 percent. Would I do that? No, not at all. I posted the video after his because I find my entry more creative than his, and most importantly, original. I have been very respectful to everyone so please spare the trolling with copyright issues and the amount of subscribers I have. I asked people honestly to vote if they enjoyed it, and that's what the numbers show in my opinion.

Didn't realize that you had the most votes, Dan. I thought it was the tattoo guy. Hell, I told all my 300 facebook friends to vote for me. I even sent them the direct link. Apparently it didn't work. I still have only 32 votes : ( I really hope that Rene doesn't take this poll into consideration ; )

some people posted a few days after the contest, some a few hours before the entry period was up. I just hope the Tipb admin find the video they like the most and arent swayed by these votes. Everyone has something different and original.