Win an iPhone 4 and more from Ringtone Expressions and TiPb!

win an iPhone 4 from Ringtone Expressions

TiPb and the folks from Ringtone Expressions have teamed up to bring you yet another chance to win a shiny new iPhone 4. Sure, we just gave away not one, but TWO iPhone 4 devices just yesterday, but we loved doing it so much we simply had to do it again. Immediately.

Here's the deal -- Ringtone Expressions wants you to create ringtones for those special someone(s) in your life and doing so could win you the grand prize of an iPhone 4. 3 runners-up will receive a $50 gift certificate as well. Head over to the full contest page for all the details. You can enter now and the contest ends June 28 at 7pm ET.

Full rules and Ringtone Expressions download link are available at, and be sure to check out the video after the break.

Good luck!

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Reader comments

Win an iPhone 4 and more from Ringtone Expressions and TiPb!


Aawww... that's not exactly the contest I was hopeing for. I was just hoping to make another video, in time for the white iphone launch.
... and there's no rules about using real songs? hmmm...

Is this contest like a raffle? The more ringtones you make the more entries you have into the raffle?

Please do another video one i have a really good idea and i dont have a pc to enter into this one

I really hope I win an IPhone 4. I don't own or even held any iPhone on my hands yet I still come to this site :( . But I loved you guys and your tipb live shows.