Who wants to win an iPhone 4 from TiPb?

TiPb is giving away an iPhone 4!

iPhone 4

That's right -- iPhone 4 -- we're giving one away, and it could be to you!

We announced this last week, but now that we know its name, know its specs, and have the release date, we're reminding you again. Here's the bottom line: you gotta make us a video telling us -- no, showing us -- why you should be the one who gets the 4th gen iPhone.

Make it funny. Make it scary. Make it silly. Make it out of this world, above and beyond awesome.

We want music, we want songs, we want skits, we want spoofs, we want action and adventure, we want drama and suspense, we want stop-motion animation and Blair Witch close-ups, we want tattoos and jello wrestling -- wait a minute, these are Kevin's notes! Bah! Never mind! -- we want the absolute best, most creative, most dazzling video you can make.

We want you to prove you're the one who deserves a 4th gen iPhone.

Watch the video below, then got to http://www.imore.com/contest to find out how to enter!

YouTube link

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Who wants to win an iPhone 4 from TiPb?


why dont you give me the iphone 4 and i will make the video with it. that is why i deserve it so i can make the video to show you i deserve it. Your move, Rene.

So they're giving away a iPhone, outright.. no contract? Is it possible to buy a iPhone without a contract from At&t or Apple. I thought you had to sign a contract to get an iPhone. Thanks in advance.

I should win the iPhone 4, because I will take it to an engraver and, around the stainless steel band, I will have written in elvish characters "One Phone to rule them all, one Phone to find them, one phone to bring them all, and with the Camera, FaceTime them.

@websyndicate - rene is in canada where there lives no such iphone 4... aparently Can...cant. at least, not yet.

You guys make me LOL so hard i swear. Your complaining about an iPhone 4 giveaway!?! For FREE cmon the least you could do is make a video but yeah im so totally gonna do a video watchout Rene! Here i come!

Gee.... If no one is doing videos I will!!!! Heck.... Why complain..... It is FREE!!!! So you have to have a little fun in the process of entering.... Who cares..... If you win you walk away with a free new iphkne4,,,,

Build and design
The iPhone has a sleek new look with stainless steel for strength, glass for scratch resistance and it's been on a pretty tidy bikini diet. The super skinny younger sibling is now 9.3mm thick, 24 per cent slimmer than the iPhone 3G S and Apple claim it's the "slimmest smartphone on the planet".
It comes in white and black.
Under the hood the iPhone is packing the Apple A4 chip - the same processor that powers the iPad with an improved efficiency that should improve battery life.
Operating system
It'll run off iOS4, the same systems as iPhone 4.0 OS just dropping the iPhone from the name.
Of course who wouldn't want it now? I do go on ive go it in the bag thanks TiPb 4 the new iphone 4 cheers! :)

No, seriously. This is only for folks in the US? It's 2010! The Digital Age! Why are we still bound by geographic locations? How about if one of 'us' wins, you just buy the damn thing for us and we'll pay you to ship it to us?

@deviladv: If it weren't for the fact that I want to win the thing for myself, I'd name you the winner right now...video be damned. If you get one and you do this, pleeeaaaaaase post pics after! : )

Not me. After AT&T locked me into having to pay every month or lose my unlimited data instead of being able to change plans month to month, I wouldn't sign up for another AT&T plan if they paid me the price of an iPhone to use it.

I would like to win the ipod 4, my cell currently has alot of errors and force closes, would be great to win a new cell!

hey i cant afford a phone so give it to me and i cant even afford proper clothes for me cause i have to buy my own clothes how stink is that

hurry me want to know if i won or not algudz if i didint win me will just have to communicate by walkin to their house or to ask someone for a ride there

I really want to win the iphone 4 is really easy to use and i have been going in and out of hospital since i was a baby at 6 weeks of age the doctor's found a benine tumor i have lost my splean and my leg and i have a rod in my back and much more and this is all coz of it

hey u are doing a great job by giving the most advanced tech tool to the one who deserves it...... i hope u would have a great time doing this.....