iTunes Wish List belongs on the iPhone and iPad App Store

iTunes has a Wish List. If you use the desktop version of iTunes, you may know this already. If you mostly use the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad App Store, however, you'll be forgiven if you have no idea it exists at all. Because "add to Wish List", one of the features that makes the most sense on mobile, doesn't exist in the on-device App Store at all. And it really should.

Case in point, last weekend I received a text message from a friend who told me in no uncertain terms that Apple needed to add a "Wish List" feature to the App Store. She was out and about and came across something she didn't want to buy immediately, but really wanted to remember to buy -- or be gifted! -- at some later point. And not only couldn't she add it to her Wish List on the iPhone, the lack of functionality made her think iTunes lacked the feature entirely.

That's the perplexing thing about the Wish List, if you visit the App Store (or any other iTunes Store) on the desktop version of iTunes, you can click the little arrow next to the price of the app and click "Add to Wish List". If you visit the App Store on the iPhone or iPad, you're simply out of luck. The iOS version has no such counterpart.

Clearly, Apple has recognized a need for a Wish List, otherwise they wouldn't have included it in their desktop app, but for some reason they've decided not to include it in any of the iOS Stores. Your Wish List cannot be accessed from the App Store, iTunes Store, or iBooks Store on the iPhone or iPad.

Apple doesn't release metrics on where or how people buy apps, but I can't help but assume most people actually shop for iOS apps on iOS devices, and for them the current Wish List implementation is practically useless. We need the Wish List on the the devices we're shopping with -- our iPhones and iPads.

I use My Wish List all the time for Movies on the Apple TV. There are many movies I want to own, but don't have the money needed to purchase them all at once. Instead, I occasionally browse through movies in the iTunes Movies Store and add several movies to my Wish List at a time. Then once a month, I visit My Wish List and purchase one or two movies from the list.

I'm sure there are many people who would love to do the same with apps. Most people live their lives on a budget and don't have the means to buy every app they want whenever they want it. Teenagers who get an iTunes allowance or buy gift cards to add money to their account would also greatly benefit from a Wish List.

So let this be another plea to sit beside my request for a Kids category in the App Store -- please, Apple, give us Wish Lists in the App Store on our iPhones and iPads.

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Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

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iTunes Wish List belongs on the iPhone and iPad App Store


I sincerely hope Apple is reading this.
I too want Wishlist ON the device because that's where I spend most of the time browsing the apps. Especially during the Friday AppStore Refresh.

Apple, if you really are stuck to the "Post-PC" attitude, then Y U NO add Wishlist option on the device?

Appshopper does the job quite admirably for apps. Then you get push notifications when the apps drop in price as well (something all would probably never do with their wish list).

The only problem I've had with Appshopper is that they don't list some of the apps I'm interested in. They just don't show up at all when I search. I've also found that their app search is horrible in general. I have to search an app several different ways before I find what I'm looking for, even when I know the title.

The iOS App Store is for impulse/"gotta have it" purchases. A Wish List feature would go against that entirely. I'd like to see a Save for Later feature to remind me to buy apps when Wi-Fi is available though.

Wish list - took the words right out of my mouth! They should take some cues from Amazon's wish list system. I use that all the time to organize my own future purchases, and it makes gift-giving easier on everyone in my family.

I'd very much agree with this. I wonder, though, if Apple's motivation is that by not having it, you're forced to purchase *now*. If you're on the move, you've got no choice but get it there and then.

But having said that I'd much prefer it if a Wish List were to appear.

iOS's App Store now has a WishList for Apps with a if the app ISN'T free, you can now add it to the wish list.

Just posting this incase someone is still having issues with this.

I just got an iPhone a month ago and that is the only thing I do not like about it. They really need to do something about that.

The most recent post about Apple failing to include the wish list function for apps in the AppStore. The person writing the article is not informed as to the functionality of the App Store and wish list function. When you touch the app you want to look at the
Upper right area directly above the price.. the button used to initiate a download. That box with a upper pointing arrow pointing up - touch it and you will have several options for what you want to do. It's there and it's very clear this article is A disservice to readers.

The wishlist should inform the users when those become free or go on sale. I don't have time to check if there are deals in those things.