New Zealand fails to launch iPhone 4?

We're getting email and tweets from New Zealanders about ready to sharpen their pitchforks and light their torches as the iPhone 4, supposed to launch today, is nowhere to be found.

Apple's saying nothing. Vodafone is saying nothing. And no one is getting anything.

[Thanks @psychorn for the pic!]

Rene Ritchie

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Paul says:

You thought you guys had it rough in the US?? Today was an absolute joke. I think both Apple and Vodafone are at fault for the pathetic organisation!

Carol says:

So sorry for you, Paul. I'd be upset too if it were advertised and there was no delivery. Good luck!!

bob says:

Vodafone NZ launched it at select stores a few hours ago...a bit late, but the at least the problems seem to be on their way to being resolved.

Al says:

Wow, I would have been inconsolable if this happened 6/24

Lourawls says:

@Paul I think overzealous dorks who get their hopes up are pathetic organisers. If there is not going to be a show, don't turn up expecting one.
There were reports last night that the launch would be delayed. Vodafone nor Apple didn't do press for a morning launch, so by all accounts, it was destined to be a low key one here. It's people's expectations that have caused the fuss; Vodafone released it today at 12pm, on the 30th as Apple and Vodafone said they would. Stop complaining and jog on to an XT store if it annoys you - more iPhone stock for everyone else.

Callum says:

@ PAUl i know how you must feel in england i went the o2 shop like everyday and they was like "we have non sir" after me ringing up and tehm telling me they had some and when i got to the shop they was like no and they told me to go to a site that was not a live update of stock yeah thats really going to help me O.o and was relly pissed anyways. I just wanted to say that i dont really think that is was Vodafones fault its really apples becose vodafone just sell the phones unlees apple give them the phones they cant sell we i hope you see what i mean Good luck in geting an iphone 4 yours callum =]

Glenn says:

So VodafoneNZ finally launched the iPhone 4 at 12pm after huge amounts of chaos and confusion due to their stoic silence.
At 4pm, all iPhone4's in NZ have been sold. More stock "coming soon."

John says:

Have experienced much better organization by numerous not for profits, than Vodafone and Apple, two significantly for profit companies today.
The way we were treated today was quite frankly disgraceful and a joke.

Jay Jay says:

What's convience? I thought it was convenience?

Cuthain says:

@Callum No one "sees what you mean" because you can barely string words into a sentence. It isn't Apples fault there's a lack of iPhones. As much as we aren't used to it in first world countries, there is an actual physical limit to how fast something can be manufactured. If something is insanely popular, demand can actually outpace supply. It's a shocker in out land of plenty society, but things don't pop out of thin air. Apple isn't hoarding iPhones now any more than nintendo was hoarding wiis back during that craze.

IF says:

who cares, its only new zealand.

woody88 says:

"IF", don't be a douchebag.
the human race.

J1CA says:

How Sad I'll cry 4 you people I would be mad if this happen on 6/24 lol

paper says:

i got my new iphone 4 from online store and it is authentic,it just $392(including shipping fee).i am very happy,may be you can have a look at it.