Magic Keyboard For iPad ProSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro has started to arrive with buyers.
  • That means we're getting answers to many of our questions – including about its weight.
  • Putting a 12.9-inch iPad Pro onto a Magic Keyboard makes it weigh more than a MacBook Air.

Ever since we saw Apple's Craig Federighi showing off the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro on video, we've wondered how heavy it is. Federighi grabs the iPad Pro and removes it from the keyboard without any problems – suggesting the keyboard itself has plenty of heft so as not to be pulled around by the iPad Pro as it was removed. Now we know how heavy it is. And it's so heavy that it'll weigh more than a MacBook Air when it's got an iPad Pro attached to it.

As noted by one MacRumors reader who got hold of their 12.9-inch iPad Pro accessory this morning, the keyboard weighs 710 grams. The iPad? Just 641 grams.

That makes tons of sense given how the keyboard holds the iPad Pro aloft, but it does mean one interesting fact – the pair weigh more than a MacBook Air which comes in at 1,290 grams. In fact, the pair almost weigh more than the 1,370 gram 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Early keyboard reviews also noted the heft, although they were lagely positive.

None of this is bad news if we wanted the combo to work. But it's something to keep in mind when we're allowed out of our homes again!