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What you need to know

  • The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro is starting to arrive.
  • Early reviews are starting to pop up.
  • They're largely positive, but it isn't all good news.

If you've been holding off making a Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro purchase so you can see the thing in action, now is your time. We've started to see early reviews of the new tablet keyboard pop up on YouTube and it makes for interesting viewing.

I've been curious to see how this thing fares when it isn't in the hands of someone who works for Apple, so seeing these videos is important in my buying process. I'm sure it's yours, too.

Photographer and videographer Tyler Stalman notes that there's plenty of heft to the new keyboard. And that's needed – otherwise, the whole thing would fall over when a weighty iPad is attached.

Dieter Bohn, reviewing the keyboard for The Verge, isn't 100% sold on the keyboard or the way it's implemented. And he compares it to one of Microsoft's finest as if he's trying to start a flame war in the comments.

iJustine videos always make for a fun time and this one is no different. After showing us various scenarios where she might use an iPad Pro attached to this keyboard it's clear the Magic Keyboard is a winner in her eyes.

Other videos of note include:

Sara Dietschy

Peter McKinnon


Have you picked up a Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard

A magic keyboard for a magical piece of glass.

The Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro brings a backlit keyboard and trackpad case to the iPad Pro directly from Apple for the first time.

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