What you need to know

  • 1Password Advance Protection is a new service for businesses that adds enhanced security tools.
  • Among the benefits the new service offers is the ability to roll out company-wide two factor authentication and viewing and managing sign-in attempts.
  • 1Password Advance Protection is now available for businesses.

Today 1Password is unveiling a new enterprise service called 1Password Advance Protection that will expand the number of security tools businesses have at their disposal.

Businesses using the new 1Password service will have access to a bevy of complex security tools such as enforced two-factor authentication. It'll be really easy to install a company-wide policy of two-factor authentication. Additionally, companies will have the option to decide which second factor the team can use when they begin using 1Password on a new device.

Team leaders will also have the ability to restrict access to firewall rules that control the time and place a team member can sign-in to 1Password and the ability to view and manage the sign-in attempts.

"Large, complex organisations use 1Password Business, and many of them have specialist security and governance requirements. With 1Password Advanced Protection, these businesses can create custom rules to determine how their employees can access the information stored in 1Password, and protect their most important data," says 1Password CEO Jeff Shiner.

1Password Advance Protection is now available for businesses.

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