1Password moving completely to more secure format for synced data

AgileBits, developers of 1Password, have announced that they will soon switch the data format it uses to store your 1Password data. This announcement follows concerns being raised over the security of the company's current format, AgileKeychain. Currently, AgileKeychain does not encrypt URLs within the keychain, though other data, such as passwords, remain encrypted.

1Password users will soon all be migrated to OPVault, AgileBits' newer data storage format first introduced in 2012. This format encrypts more metadata, and will soon be the default format for all 1Password users.

We've already started making changes to use OPVault as the default format. In fact, the latest beta of 1Password for Windows does this already. Similar changes are coming to Mac and iOS soon, and we're planning on using the new format in Android in the future. Once all of these things are complete, we will add an automatic migration for all 1Password users.

AgileBits offers instructions for those that wish to go ahead and begin using OPVault. If you use iCloud sync for your data, you're already using OPVault, as iCloud sync for 1Password has always used this format.

You can find out more from AgileBits at the link below.

Source: AgileBits

Joseph Keller

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