Survey says 34% American high school students use iPhone, 40% expecting to buy one

A recent survey of 5,600 U.S. high school students found an impressive 34% used the iPhone. Another 34% owned a tablet, and of them 70% were using an iPad. 86% intend on buying a smartphone, with 51% opting for iOS, versus 22% of those who are interested in Android. 40% of those surveyed were planning on buying a new iPhone within the next six months. Expected iPad purchases are even higher; 19% of teenagers are going to get a tablet in the next six months, and of them, 80% will be buying an iPad. The survey was conducted by analyst firm Piper Jaffray.

Obviously, the kids still love Apple products, and odds are good that if they're being hooked young, they'll stick with iOS as the grow up. Apparently a big driver among this segment was the price drop of the iPhone 3GS  when the 4S was released. Even though the vast majority of shoppers are siding with the iPhone 4S, production of the 3GS was still strong through late 2011.

Any high school kids reading able to vouch for the popularity of the iPhone among the young whippersnappers? Parents, which phones do your kids drift towards?

Source: BusinessWire

Simon Sage

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