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9.7-inch iPad Pro teardown reveals how Apple managed to shrink the premium experience

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro is the perfect solution for those who wished for the most advanced iPad but in a smaller package. Just how Apple managed to shrink down the premium experience is revealed as iFixit takes a look inside the tablet. Interestingly, this particular iPad from Apple was awarded a mere 2 out of a possible 10 as to how easy it would be to carry out repairs.

The smaller, more compact form factor seemingly increased the difficult to carry out repairs. Notable points include the battery, which is solidly adhered and is not conveniently removable via pull tabs. You'll need to be extra careful should you attempt to take the iPad Pro apart since the fused front panel makes damaging the LCD likely. In fact, adhesive is used pretty much all over the 9.7-inch tablet, making any kind of repair a tedious task.

Hit the iFixit report to read the breakdown in full.

  • Manage to shrink down premium experience and forgot to add RAM. Shrink down premium experience and blow up the price.
  • This is why I've still got my eye on the 12.9" Pro as an upgrade from my Air 2. That, and I've already got the better 12MP camera on my iPhone 6S Plus WITH OIS. I want the bigger screen real estate anyway.
  • Other than a faster CPU, I don't see any real advantage to the Air 2. Even the faster CPU isn't particularly beneficial for many tasks.. Sent from the iMore App
  • I think it really depends on what you do. 4K video editing and pencil support are enough for me (I have a "Daddy" Pro). If you just want a good computing device and want to play some good games an Air 2 is just fine.